5 More Reasons to Choose Ambient Bamboo Floors

If you want to learn about the quality of our bamboo flooring, and how it truly separates us from other companies
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When choosing a bamboo floor we know you have several options available to you. We want you to feel
comfortable choosing an Ambient floor for your next home project, and here are a few reasons why.

1: We Offer Price Matching

Since Ambient is a direct importer, we offer you warehouse direct pricing. We want to offer you the best deal possible, so if you find a product that you feel matches ours in terms of quality, warranty, and construction, we may price match that product - just call and ask! Otherwise, your representative will go out of their way to find you discounts available for your order. Simply call us at (301) 498-0234 and we will be happy to assist you with whatever questions you may have. We import our own products and are happy to pass those savings on to you so you do not have to worry about those retail mark ups. If the cost of our products goes down, the cost to you goes down as well. If you are comparing bamboo flooring vs hardwood, you will see that bamboo flooring is an unbeatable value.

2: No Sales Tax

The best part about our company is that we do not charge sales tax unless your order is shipped to or picked up within Maryland or Arizona. You get a high quality, low cost floor and get to keep the money you would have paid in sales tax!

3: We are a Real Store, Not An Internet Company

We are all geeked up to serve our customers face to face. Our corporate headquarters and main showroom are located in Jessup, MD, as is our fully stocked warehouse; we also have other stocked warehouses around the U.S. While we offer our products across the continental Unites States and abroad, we pride ourselves on being accessible as well, so we would love to meet you face to face! To see comments our clients have sent us simply check out our bamboo flooring review.

We offer all of our products online for easy accessibility, so if you do not live in the area you can do your research online and contact any one of our representatives with any questions or concerns. We want you to feel comfortable purchasing from us like you would a local store, so call as often as needed to get your questions answered.

If you do live in the area we would love to meet you. Please stop by our showroom during our showroom hours and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you in your search for the perfect bamboo floor for your home. Once an order is placed, you can either pick it up from our warehouse, or we will ship your flooring, installation material, and maintenance items straight to your driveway. Consistently rated one of the best bamboo flooring suppliers in the country, we make it as easy as possible for you to receive, install and enjoy your new floor!

4: We Offer Same Day Shipping

At Ambient, we know you may require your bamboo flooring asap, which is why we have several shipping options for you. If you are ready for your floor right away and you call us before 12pm EST, we will do our best to ship it out that same day, and at a minimum the next day. Please note that we ship Monday through Friday. Once shipped most of our flooring takes between two-four business days to arrive at your home depending on which of our warehouses it is shipping from.

5: Free Storage For 100 Days

If you are not quite ready for your order we will store for up to 100 days free of charge! That means you can take advantage of a sale price today, and let us worry about storage until you need your floor. Since we stock a large inventory, the ordering process is fast, efficient, and designed with your convenience in mind.

If your order is in storage we ask that you just provide 1 business day notice and we promptly get your flooring shipment on the road. If you have any further questions about shipping and storage, please contact an Ambient representative today at (301) 498-0234.

Our mission is to offer the best bamboo flooring that ships directly to your home. We stand behind our products 110% with our lifetime structural warranty and 30 year finish warranty. To ensure that you love your floor for years to come our floors adhere to only the most stringent of quality control, engineering and manufacturing processes.

If we are overstocked on a particular product we are happy to offer liquidation prices to make room in our warehouse for additional stock. Instead of offering free shipping and inflating our prices, we provide low square foot pricing and also low shipping costs. We work with several shipping companies and warehouses to find the best possible route to save you money.

When you call Ambient Bamboo you are guaranteed to talk to one of our experienced staff members. Since we do not outsource our company to call centers, anyone at Ambient will be happy to answer your questions. Even though any one of our staff members can answer your questions, you will still have an Ambient representative dedicated to your account. Your dedicated account representative will get to know you personally, and will manage your account with the utmost care and concern, so that you choose the right bamboo flooring colors and construction type for your project. Your representative will explain to you the materials required for your project, and even assist in helping you search for a certified installer.

Our bamboo is manufactured using Moso bamboo that has matured between 5-7 years, and crafted with only the most precise of milling techniques. After the product is milled to perfection it is coated with our patented Accuseal finish system. To top it all off each of our Strand Woven products has been tested on the Janka Hardness Scale and rated between 3400-4000lbf, which is in the top 1% of all hardwood floors. The only reason you would need higher density is to pave your driveway!

If you have any additional questions please contact one of our representatives today at (301) 498-0234!