10 Ways to Have a Green Christmas

green christmas

It’s a time when the family gathers together and perhaps the second most popular seasonal event of the year behind Thanksgiving. Young and old, we all love Christmas and there’s nothing better than celebrating the festivities with those we love. With the Climate Change Conference has just finished in Paris and governments agreeing to make … Read more

Bamboo Flooring for Yoga Studios

bamboo flooring for yoga studios

The Zen of bamboo flooring is beginning to meet yoga’s power in many studios across the US. If you want a place that exudes health and vitality and feels like a proper studio, then the first area to look at is your floor. If it looks great, is kept clean, polished, and inviting, people will … Read more

Wood Floor Finishes: Pros and Cons

hardwood floor

Easy to install and maintain, long-lasting, and great to look at, wood floors are highly popular with homeowners across the US. From Miami to New York, California to Anchorage, and everywhere in between, you’ll be hard-pressed to find people who aren’t impressed by the natural beauty and variation. Which product you choose and how you … Read more

Should You Build a Green Roof?

Facebook green roof

One area where America seems to be starting to lead the way in recent years is green roofs. You may think that building a garden on top of your house is a bad idea, but it’s actually one of the most eco-friendly things you can do. Not only does it add a valuable level of … Read more

Why Rainwater Harvesting Matters in America

Why Rainwater Harvesting Matters in America

As a fairly affluent Western country with a pretty large landmass and a decent-sized population, we’ve gotten used to having those essentials delivered straight to our door. Water is one of life’s little necessities that we can take for granted – there’s an unending supply, right? It just falls from the sky, and there’s plenty … Read more