Become a Greener Grocery Shopper

Become a Greener Grocery Shopper

Are you hurting the planet every time you run to the store to pick up your weekly grocery items? Although most shoppers don’t mean to, they tend to widen their carbon footprint. This is simply because grocery shopping can create a large amount of waste. In fact, it’s estimated that close to 15% of municipal … Read more

Are Your Computer Habits Green?

green computing habits

More and more people are trying to decrease their carbon footprint, and that’s a good thing. The more green initiatives we all take, the better the planet will be for it. Sadly though, most individuals focus on the obvious things like switching out their traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or making sure their … Read more

Smart and Beautiful Eco-friendly Design Ideas

green design

Committing to sustainable values can seem challenging at times, especially when renovating or remodeling your home. Many people assume that going and staying “green” limits their decorating options, but the truth is it doesn’t. Sometimes, all it requires is a creative mind that can think outside of the box. Here are some ways you can … Read more

5 Ways to GREEN Up Your Home

5 Ways to GREEN Up Your Home

We often talk about how going green is good for the environment, but the truth is, going green can also be very good for our health. Although many people mean well and make greener choices for their home to leave less of a carbon footprint, there are still unknown hazards lurking around every corner that … Read more

Are You Getting a Green Nights Sleep?

organic mattresses

Buying a new mattress fills most people with conflicting feelings: Excitement at the idea of owning a new mattress that will help them get a good green night’s sleep; and dread at the idea of having to navigate the myriad choices of mattresses on the market today. It gets even more complicated when consumers seek … Read more