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Poplar Strand Woven Flooring 101 | by Ambient

From high traffic to high heels, this hardwood can handle it all


     •    3x Harder Than Oak Flooring
     •    Ideal for Kitchens, Kids, Pets and High Traffic
     •    Radiant-heat compatible
     •    Eco-Friendly
     •    Easy to maintain

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Why Strand Woven Flooring?

If you’re looking for flooring that can stand up to whatever you throw its way (literally), Poplar Strand Woven will not disappoint. It’s true that poplar is a softer hardwood, but the process of strand weaving boosts its durability by leaps and bounds. In fact, strand woven hardwood is 3x harder than oak!
It is made from strands of poplar trees that were harvested from well-managed forests. The strands are then woven together and compressed under extreme heat and pressure.
The resulting planks score a 4,000+ on the Janka scale of hardness. This puts Poplar Strand Woven among the hardest hardwood floors available.

Why Poplar?

Previously, the “road less traveled” could have been paved with poplar. Poplar is a hardwood, but it is traditionally softer than other hardwoods. The strand weaving process changes its properties, causing it to be among the most durable of hardwood floors. But regardless of process, poplar has some distinct advantages.
•    Sustainability – Poplar is a fast-growing tree that is easy to maintain, so it is very sustainable.
•    Hardness – All of our strand woven floors are as much as 3x harder than oak flooring.
•    Grain – Subtle and beautiful due to the strand woven construction process. Perfect for people who prefer something unique.
•    Staining – Because of the fine grain, this wood accepts stains and paints very well.
•    Maintenance – Is installed and maintained exactly like traditional hardwood flooring.

How is Poplar Strand Woven Flooring Made?

Our strand woven floors go through 9 steps before they are ready to be packaged and shipped to your home:

     1.    Sustainable poplar is harvested

     2.    We split the wood into strips
     3.    We boil the poplar to remove insects and grime
     4.    We heat the raw materials to get a precise moisture level within the wood.
     5.    We weave the strips of poplar together.
     6.    The strips are stacked and left to dry.
     7.    Extreme pressure is used to press the stacks into planks.
     8.    We mill tongue and grooves or click lock profiles onto the planks.
     9.    The planks are finished with our proprietary Accuseal finish system.



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