If you love wood floors all over the house, but dont want the kids to sound like a herd of elephants tap dancing when they are in their rooms, then this 3 in 1 underlayment for wood flooring is an investment you should make. This underlayment provides sound reduction so you can enjoy your new floors in peace and quiet.

Sound reduction is not the only benefit of this underlayment. It also gives cushioning between your new flooring and the concrete sub floor, and provides a moisture barrier to give your floor extra protection. Enjoy your new floor for longer with this premium underlayment.


• For use under floating hardwood, bamboo, engineered, and laminate floors (not for nail down or glue down installations). For nail down installations we recommend 15 lb felt paper.
• Can be used over electric or hydronic radiant heat systems
• Cross-linked polyethylene foam with advanced moisture protection and shock absorption
• Corrects minor sub-floor imperfections
• Mold and mildew resistant
• Anti-crush technology for excellent performance and long life
• Includes adhesive strip and overlap film for linking multiple rolls
• Installed with plastic side facing down


1) Lay over dry, clean and level sub-floor, plastic side down.
2) Point the self adhering strip next to the wall, and then unroll the underlayment with vapor barrier (plastic side) facing down.
3) Roll the foam out completely, with the next row butting up to the foam from the previous row
4) Remove tap strip and place overlapping plastic film over the exposed strip creating a moisture barrier.
5) Any tears in the foam should be taped creating a moisture barrier.
6) After all underlayment is laid, install your floor according to manufacturer's instructions.


Bamboo flooring is an investment and, when installed properly, it can give you decades of problem-free use. But with all wooden flooring, proper moisture protection is critical. As part of the regular maintenance of your flooring, we recommend cleaning up wet spills as soon as they happen. But what if the source of the moisture is underneath the floor? Protect yourself and your investment with this Sound Absorbing 3-in-1 Underlayment.


Expert Protection for Floating Floors


Designed for all floating floors, this product can be used with all of our Click Lock floors. It offers sound reduction: at least 72 decibels less with the super sound eliminator technology, in addition to moisture protection and cushioning.


Installation is easy. Just unroll the underlayment and run it the length of the room until the entire subfloor is covered. Tape seams together and the overlapping moisture guard edges prevent moisture from penetrating.


Why Do You Need a Bamboo Floor Underlayment?


An underlayment for bamboo flooring is an important ally that will extend the life of your floor and provide moisture protection and sound deadening. If you're installing onto a concrete subfloor, proper moisture protection is critical to prevent bubbling, blistering or peeling. Always test a concrete subfloor for moisture before proceeding with any flooring installation.

3 in 1 Super Silencer Underlayment 100 SF

  • ITEM NO 733074275165
$44.00 per roll




LENGTH 27.88 ft
WIDTH 43.31 in
CAN BE USED FOR hardwood, bamboo, engineered, laminate
R VALUE 0.42
ITEM NUMBER (UPC) 733074275165

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