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Timberex Bio-C Cleaner

$42.41 per PIECE
Total :

Product size is 1L.

You can pour about 1/4 cup of Bio-C soap into a spray bottle for spot cleaning or 1/3 cup of soap into a 1/2 bucket of warm water and use a lightly damp mop.

See our cleaning and care instructions for hardwax oil bamboo flooring here.

This product contains less than 0.01% VOC and meets the California Air Resources Board standards below. Do NOT to use the 3rd standard below as an “escape” from the previous two standards.

  •  “Wood Cleaner” (VOC Limit = 4%), means a product labeled to clean wooden materials including but not limited to decking, fences, flooring, logs, cabinetry, and furniture. “Wood Cleaner” does not include “Dusting Aid,” General Purpose Cleaner,” “Furniture Maintenance Product,” “Floor Wax Stripper,” “Floor Polish or Wax,” or products designed and labeled exclusively to preserve or color wood
  • “Floor Maintenance Product” (VOC Limit = 1%), means any product designed or labeled to restore, maintain, or enhance a previously applied floor finish. “Floor Maintenance Product” includes, but is not limited to, products that are labeled as Spray Buff products or Floor Maintainers or Restorers.  “Floor Maintenance Product” does not include floor polish products, products designed solely for the purpose of cleaning, products designed or labeled exclusively for use on marble floors, or coatings subject to architectural coatings regulations.
  • ”Floor Polish or Wax” (VOC Limit = 70%), means a product designed or labeled to polish, wax, condition, protect, temporarily seal, or otherwise enhance floor surfaces by leaving a protective finish that is designed or labeled to be periodically replenished. “Floor Polish or Wax” does not include “Floor Maintenance Products,” “Floor Wax Stripper”, or coatings subject to architectural coatings regulations.

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