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Timberex Hardwax Finishing Mousse

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Our Timberex Hardwax Oil Finishing Mousse is a maintenance product that is used to restore luster to oil finish bamboo hardwood floors.  This is the "easy-to-use" alternative to the hardwax oil itself.   One can of mousse covers approximately 300-400 sf and it's super-easy to apply, and pretty much foolproof! The main difference between this and the hardwax oil is that the oil is 100% CARB compliant and the mousse is not.  For best results, spray a small amount on a towel or applicator pad and wipe this on the surface until dispersed, then spray and wipe some more.The mousse penetrates deep into the floor, dries in a couple hours, and hardens and becomes water resistant after one day.

Please wait two weeks after using the mousse before cleaning your floor. It is a good idea to repeat this process once a year to make sure your floors always look brand new!

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