MS001 is a light-colored solvent-free adhesive with aggressive tack and is non-staining.


MS001 contains an antimicrobial system for enhanced resistance to mold and mildew. When used with LVT, plank and vinyl sheet flooring, MS001 provides a tenacious, permanent bond. When used with carpet tiles in a dry install, this adhesive is formulated for releasing and re-bonding while permanently retaining its tack, allowing individual tiles to be lifted out easily and replaced without substantial loss of adhesive properties.



Important: Proper substrate preparations are essential. Moisture testing must be performed and documented before installation begins.



Use on concrete substrates with up to 90% RH for resilient flooring installed on or above grade (per current ASTM F2170), and pH of 8.0–10.0.  Do not use on substrates that have been chemically cleaned or over treated plywood. Do not use to install vinyl-backed flooring over asphalt-based (cutback) adhesive residues. It is up to the installer to determine proper adhesive application based on jobsite conditions. Do not allow product to freeze.



Follow the flooring manufacturer’s installation instructions and guidelines regarding adhesive application rate and method. Always roll the installation in both directions with a 75-100 lbs. 3-section roller immediately after flooring is placed, ensuring complete contact with adhesive.


Installing over non-porous substrates:

• Install vinyl sheet, tiles and plank flooring into adhesive as it becomes dry to the touch with little or no transfer to finger when touched. This will normally require 30–60 minutes of drying time at suggested installation temperature and humidity. Do not install flooring into wet adhesive on non-porous substrates. Use a 1/16”x1/32”x1/32” U-notch trowel. Coverage will be approximately 220-260 sq. ft./gallon.


Installing over porous substrates:

• Vinyl sheet flooring may be placed into adhesive after 10–20 minutes open time (flash-off) over a porous substrate. Roll the installation in both directions with a 75-100 lbs. 3-section roller immediately after flooring is placed and positioned, ensuring complete contact with adhesive. When installing vinyl plank and tile over a porous substrate, the adhesive should be allowed to dry to the touch sufficient to prevent slippage. Loss of adhesion can result if the flooring is not installed within the working time of the adhesive. Use a 1/16”x1/32”x1/32” U-notch trowel. Coverage will be approximately 220-260 sq. ft./gallon.



Restrict foot traffic for 24 hours after installation. No heavy traffic, rolling loads or furniture placement for 72 hours after installation. Additional time may be necessary if the installation is over a non-porous substrate. Allow at least five days following the installation before conducting wet cleaning procedures or initial maintenance.



Use a clean wet cloth to clean up adhesive while still wet. Dried adhesive may require the use of an appropriate solvent.

MS001 Resilient Adhesive for Dryback Vinyl

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