MS005 is a light-colored, high-strength acrylic polymer compound formulated to isolate old cutback and other adhesive residues that would discolor or affect the bond of the new flooring installation. Black asphalt-based cutback adhesive is highly reactive with vinyl back flooring and must be completely removed until there are no remaining trowel ridges or continuous film. MS005 can be used to isolate the remaining permanent stain after the cutback has been removed. Prior to the installation of floor covering systems, MS005 provides a clean surface for better adhesive bonds. It is solvent-free, contains “zero” (calculated) VOC and contains an antimicrobial system for enhanced resistance to mold and mildew. MS005 is designed and warranted for use only in conjunction with MSI adhesives.



Important: Proper substrate preparations are essential. Moisture testing must be performed and documented before installation begins.



Do not allow product to freeze.

Must be applied to a solid surface.

Store indoors at a temperature between 65-95°F.

Not for use where the concrete tests higher than 85% in-situ Relative Humidity according to the latest version of ASTM F2170.

The pH of concrete substrates must be between 8.0 -10.0 before applying this product.

MS005 is not recommended for use in conjunction with polyurethane-based adhesives.

Do not use MS005 in combination with any other sealer or encapsulant.

Do not use MS005 in combination with any other manufacturers’ adhesive.

It is up to the installer to determine proper application based on jobsite conditions.



Existing multi-purpose and pressure sensitive adhesives must be mechanically scraped down to a bare residue flat with the substrate. Do not use solvent or any liquid cleaners to remove old adhesives. MS005 must be applied over a solid surface. Soft adhesives, excess residue, or any surface that does not support the film will result in a failure of the product. Any remaining residue must be well-bonded with no flaking or peeling. Floors must be clean, dry and free of dust and dirt, other concrete sealers, curing compounds, wax, oil, paint and other markings, or any foreign matter that will interfere with a good bond. MS005 is not recommended for covering over oil and grease contamination, spray paint, ink, crayon, grease pencil, permanent markers, chalk lines, or other floor markings that can migrate to the finished flooring. These contaminates should be mechanically removed prior to applying MS005. Patching of subfloor must follow all manufacturers’ application and curing instructions prior to applying MS005. A bond test must be performed with MS005 over any patching compound before general application of either.



Apply MS005 with a 3/8” nap paint roller, as an even coat over the entire surface of the floor. Make certain to keep the application roller wet with material. Only one coat is required at an application rate of 315–360 square feet per gallon. Allow MS005 to dry for a minimum of 4 hours, or until completely dry and hardened to the touch.



Clean up spills with soapy water. Dried residues may require the use of a solvent cleaner. Containers must be kept tightly closed when not in use.

MS005 Adhesive Encapsulator for Dryback Vinyl

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