MS007 is a high-strength, high-shear adhesive for installing multiple types of dimensionally stable floor coverings such as vinyl tiles & plank, solid vinyl tile, and vinyl sheet flooring over porous and non-porous substrates. MS007 offers superior initial tack that transitions to a firmer bond, with fast dry time and ease of application. This unique adhesive has outstanding water resistance and high shear strength for demanding installations such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hospitality, and food preparation centers. The low odor is ideal for occupied buildings.



Important: Proper substrate preparations are essential. Moisture testing must be performed and documented before installation begins.



The installation site must be acclimated with HVAC in operation. The floor and room temperature, as well as flooring materials and adhesive, must be maintained at 65°–85°F, and the humidity between 45-65% for 48 hours prior to, during, and continuously after the installation. Asphalt-based or cutback adhesive stains must be removed completely. Always roll the installation in both directions with a 75 lbs. 3-section roller immediately after flooring is placed, ensuring complete contact with adhesive.



Installations on or above grade over bare concrete substrates with up to 95% in-situ RH (per ASTM F2170), and a pH of 11.0.

Above or on grade bare concrete in the absence of hydrostatic moisture/pressure



APA approved plywood



Not for outdoor use.

Not for below grade installations.

Cannot be used over substrates which have been chemically cleaned.

Do not allow product to freeze.

It is up to the installer to determine proper adhesive application based on jobsite conditions.


Installing over porous substrates:

Vinyl and non-vinyl sheet flooring may be placed into adhesive after 10–20 minutes open time (flash-off) over a porous substrate. When installing vinyl and non-vinyl plank and tile over a porous substrate, the adhesive should be allowed to dry to the touch sufficient to prevent slippage. Loss of adhesion can result if the flooring is not installed within the working time of the adhesive.


Installing over non-porous substrates:

Install vinyl and non-vinyl sheet, tiles and plank flooring into adhesive as it becomes dry to the touch with little or no transfer to finger when touched. This will normally require 30 minutes of drying time at suggested installation temperature and humidity. Do not install flooring into wet adhesive on non-porous substrates.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the many additives being used in or on concrete slabs, it is critical that a bond test be performed. Some treatments will repel any sealer or adhesive. If usage instructions are not completely followed, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.



Allow at least five days following the installation before conducting wet cleaning procedures or initial maintenance. Use a clean wet cloth to clean up adhesive while still wet. Dried adhesive may require the use of an appropriate solvent.

MS007 Transitional Adhesive for Dryback Vinyl

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