Installing Bamboo Flooring In Desert Or Tropical Climate Extremes

Many of us think of regions that get crippling blizzards as areas with extreme climate conditions. However, even those who live in arid, desert, or tropical, humid areas experience extremes of above-average humidity or arid air conditions. So, can you install bamboo flooring in a dry or desert area or a humid or tropical area? … Read more

How Long Does Bamboo Flooring Need to Acclimate?

Does Bamboo Flooring Need to Acclimate

Considering the benefits and drawbacks of hardwood vs bamboo flooring starts the moment you open the box! Acclimation is the first and most important step to ensuring that your bamboo or hardwood floors provide a lifetime of quality use. All hardwood floors – including engineered and solid strand bamboo – require acclimation to the environment … Read more

Install Bamboo Flooring Over Concrete – Glue vs Float

Install Bamboo Flooring Over Concrete – Glue VS Float

Concrete is as solid as a subfloor gets – but is it a solid base for bamboo flooring? The answer is yes: you can install bamboo flooring over concrete. Many concrete subfloors are below grade, so engineered bamboo floors are most often installed over concrete. There are two basic methods for installing over concrete: the … Read more