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This guide below is meant to be followed by customers wishing to ship items back to Ambient for a refund. If you have any questions about the specifics of this process, we encourage you to reach out to our support team at (866) 710-7070 or via email at [email protected].

If you would like to drop off your return in person at our warehouse, please send an email with the return items and quantities you'd like to drop off to [email protected] first so we can ensure that a team member will be available to receive your return. Please note our warehouse return hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:30pm.


Make 100% sure to read our Return Policy regarding restock fees and return conditions to ensure your items qualify for a refund before beginning your return.


All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


For returns weighing LESS than 125 lbs.

STEP 1: Choose your preferred small parcel shipping provider (UPS, Fedex, etc.).

STEP 2: Pack your items with sturdy packaging and ensure all items are properly protected in order to minimize damage during return transit.

STEP 3: Ensure that your original order number and contact information are included inside the packaging.

STEP 4: Bring your packaged items to your chosen provider's local shipping store to complete your return.

All small parcel returns should be shipped to:
8230 Preston Court, Suite C
Jessup, MD 20794
Tel: (301) 498-0234

**Failure to follow the small parcel return instructions above may result in refund ineligibility.**
If you have any questions regarding smalll parcel returns, please contact Ambient Customer Service at (866) 710-7070, Option 2.


For returns weighing MORE than 125 lbs.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT RETURN FREIGHT COSTS: Return freight shipping costs start at $200 and go up from there depending on the overall weight and transit distance. Please note that return freight costs are usually higher than the original order shipping charge (these rates are set by the freight company, not Ambient). Before beginning your return we strongly recommend that you get a return freight quote first. To do this, simply email the items and quantities you would like to return to [email protected] and our support team will provide you with a quote.

YOU WILL NEED A PALLET(S): Before returning freight you will need to ensure you can procure a suitable, sturdy freight shipping pallet. The pallet length must be at least equal in length to the length of the product/boxes being returned, and the product/boxes cannot "hang off" the edges of the pallet. You will also need to procure shrink wrap and straps to ensure the products are safely secured to the pallet.

STEP 1: Email [email protected] with the number of items you'd like to return so we can provide you with a return freight shipping quote. Once you approve the return freight cost, continue to step 2. Note: you do not pay this return freight cost up front - this cost will be deducted from your refund at the end of the process (once your return has arrived at our warehouse and been inspected, etc.)

STEP 2: Ensure the individual boxes are prepared for return shipment. Please note all items must be returned in original packaging or credit will not be issued. If returning opened boxes, the boxes must be sealed with clear packing tape. Boxes sealed with tape other than clear tape will not be accepted.

Returned Boxes
use only clear tape to seal boxes!

STEP 3: Email [email protected] with the pickup date you prefer (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm), please note that pickup windows may be between 2-6 hours. The earliest pickup we can schedule is 3 business days out from when you request it during this step so plan ahead (we cannot schedule a pickup the next day). Once we have your preferred pickup date (specific time windows cannot be specified), we will arrange the pickup appointment directly with our freight carrier and we will email you a set of documents that you will need to print and paste to the pallets.

STEP 4: Read Step 5 for pallet placement information before you begin stacking items on the pallets: then proceed to stack the items neatly onto a sturdy 4'x4' or 4'x6' pallet(s), in an evenly distributed manner. Please note that each pallet cannot weigh more than 2,300 lbs so if your items exceed that weight, you will need to use multiple pallets. The boxes will need to be strapped to the pallet so they do not fall off during transit. The cheapest way to do that if you don't have access to polyester strapping is to procure some ratchet moving straps from a hardware store. For a complete guide to palletizing your shipment please read T-Force Freight's How to Prepare Freight Shipments

STEP 5: The final strapped and shrink-wrapped pallets will need to be placed at the end of your driveway, on solid, paved and flat (as possible) ground, not grass or dirt. Therefore you will want to place the pallets in such a location prior to beginning the stacking effort (unless you have a pallet truck and can freely move the pallet around your driveway area). The surface must be firm, solid ground that can be accessed by a large freight truck and a driver with a pallet truck/jack. We will have emailed you 2 different flyers: one with a barcode and one that is a Bill of Lading. You will print 3 copies of the barcode flyer and paste them to the top of the pallet on different sides. You will print two copies of the Bill of Lading, one for you and one for the driver. Ensure the driver signs your copy as well.

**IMPORTANT: Upon arrival the driver will use a pallet truck/jack to move the pallets from your driveway onto the truck's liftgate. In order to do this the pallet truck forks need to be able to slide into the large (not small) pallet holes. Most pallets only have holes that are large enough for the pallet jack forks on two sides of the pallet. The pallet truck forks require a hole of at least 5 inches in height and 7 inches in width to slide in. Therefore, please rotate the pallets correctly before placing boxes on them, so that the pallet truck will be able to slide under and lift them.

Pallet Placement

STEP 6: Once the product(s) arrive in our warehouse and have been inspected and determined to be in acceptable condition, we will issue your refund minus the return freight costs and restock fees (see our Return Policy for details). We will attempt to issue the refund to your original payment method or we will send you a check in the mail within 2 weeks.

Pallet Truck
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