Are Sustainable Products Expensive?

Everyone wants to go green, but who wants to lay out a big pile of green in the process? There’s a misconception that buying sustainable products is more expensive than their traditional alternatives.  But that’s not always the case. When you consider the alternatives, often you’ll discover that sustainable products cost more upfront but save … Read more

Smart homes: The future of energy efficient living?

As Wi-Fi capabilities increase and technology advances, products that make your home “smart” are rapidly gaining popularity. From accurately tracking your energy bills to remotely switching off the lights, smart home technology is available for almost every part of your home. This video shows a demo of what a fully automated smart home might look … Read more

How to Eco-hack Your Home

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact that we humans are having on our planet. That’s why we’re making extra efforts to buy organic, drive less, and lobby our elected officials to support green initiatives. These are all important steps to making the world a better place, but with Americans spending an average of … Read more

Go Green While Living Large

Open luxury bedroom with bamboo flooring

Look around and it’s easy to see that tiny houses are the next big thing. Does that mean that lovers of living large should feel guilty about the carbon footprint their more spacious homes create? Do big families have to choose between an eco-friendly lifestyle or comfort? Are claustrophobic people relegated to green living purgatory, … Read more

10 Tips for Cleaning Towards a Greener Lifestyle

Cleaning service team working in living room

In the past five years alone there has been an overwhelming movement toward a greener lifestyle for both individuals and businesses. Solar panel installation has skyrocketed and people are beginning to wonder what of their daily routine can be changed or adapted to both save energy and do right by the environment. While you can’t … Read more

Green Living: Eco-Friendly Projects for the Crafty Fashionista

DIY seamstress using upcycled fabric for eco-friendly projects

One of the most resource-intense industries in the world is the apparel industry. Plant-based fabrics like cotton usually cause deforestation for land and use up a lot of soil, which is a fast-depleting resource. Wool also takes a lot of land and other precious resources. And processing the fabrics and turning them into clothing takes millions … Read more

10 Ways To Save Water At Home

The average home in America uses around 400 gallons of water per day. Now, that may seem like a lot and maybe even more than you think you use, but when you factor in how many times your family flushes the toilet, showers, washes their hands, or does laundry, you can see where this number … Read more