Reject Fast Furniture: 9 Tips to Building a Timeless Home

fast furniture vs slow decor

The world of home design moves at a relentless pace. Fast furniture, with its trendy looks and low prices, promises instant style. One minute it’s all about sleek minimalism, the next it’s cozy farmhouse vibes. However, there’s a growing movement pushing back against this throwaway trend. It’s all about turning away from the constant need … Read more

Transforming Plastic Waste – Inspired Upcycling Ideas You’ll Love

In the mission to approach life with a zero-waste mindset, let’s turn everyday plastic waste into something useful and beautiful. With these upcycling ideas, our goal is to ignite your imagination and shift your perspective on waste. Let’s Talk About Micro-Plastics If every person on the planet threw a handful of plastic into the ocean … Read more

It’s Time to Explore the Benefits of Upcycled Furniture

It is more than just a trend. Upcycled furniture is a way to contribute to the health of our planet, show off personal style, and so much more! And it has more benefits than you imagined.  How Exactly Is Upcycled Furniture Going To Save The Planet?  In short: It helps save materials from going to … Read more

Prioritizing Reuse Over Recycling in Home Design

Most people are well-versed in “the three Rs” of sustainability – reduce, reuse, recycle. The easiest one to follow regularly is recycling, and it’s incredibly important. Without regular recycling, our planet would become overrun with waste.  However, as more people start to turn toward sustainable lifestyles, a new wave of eco-friendly options is making it easier … Read more

How to Reduce Waste During a Home Renovation

In today’s modern climate, more and more people are considering ways to try to reduce waste and be more resourceful. While it can be exciting and advantageous to renovate your home, home renovation and other demolition projects can produce a significant amount of waste.  Luckily, the preservation of resources can go beyond the traditional ways … Read more

8 Tips for Going Green in the Workplace

Co-workers in an environmentally friendly office

Living a green lifestyle doesn’t stop at your front door or the edge of your property or when you get into the car. Being eco-responsible and reducing waste is something you can do in every aspect of your life, even in the workplace. While it would be great if you could convince your employer to … Read more

How to Make Your House Zero-Waste

Our throwaway consumer culture has created a lot of problems for the world at large by increasing our waste exponentially. Now our landfills are at breaking point, there’s a 600,000 square mile garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean, and even burning the trash to create fuel is causing massive pollution problems. I’d like to blame … Read more

11 Ways to Turn Your Travel Plans Green

woman packing a luggage for a new journey

Traveling is something that happens to everyone eventually, whether you’re visiting relatives on family holidays, traveling for business, or going on a well-earned vacation. Of course, for the frugal and environmentally conscious, you can’t help but notice that things like road trips, airports, and hotels tend to bring out the worst in us. Everything is … Read more

22 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

We all know we should be recycling plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, metals, glass, plastic bags, and more. However, there are a plethora of items you probably didn’t know you could recycle, including some household essentials and pieces of apparel you no longer need.   There’s no shortage of companies that have recycling initiatives to repurpose … Read more