Bamboo Moldings & Trim: The Finishing Touch for Your Floor

A guide to how bamboo moldings are installed and what purpose they serve

Our bamboo moldings and trim add a professional, finished look to your home. All of our moldings and trim pieces match the bamboo flooring we sell. If you have an existing bamboo floor and need moldings, give us a call. Our bamboo moldings may match.

  • bamboo wall baseboard diagram
    Bamboo Quarter Round
    Bamboo shoe molding used to cover expansion gaps

    Similar to shoe molding, bamboo quarter round acts as a transition between the floor and the wall and is often used to cover up gaps between the two (and is often used in conjunction with baseboard.

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  • bamboo tmolding transition diagram
    Bamboo T Molding
    Common molding used to transition between floors of equal heights

    Bamboo T molding is most often used to transition from one flooring surface to another flooring surface of the same height.

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  • bamboo reducer transition diagram
    Bamboo Reducer
    Bamboo reducers help transition down to floor level

    Eliminate awkward gaps in your flooring with a high-quality, sustainable bamboo reducer from Ambient Bamboo Floors. Bamboo reducers are used to transition from bamboo flooring to a lower surface, such as vinyl or short-pile carpet.

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  • bamboo threshold endcap transition diagram
    Bamboo Thresholds
    Bamboo transition pieces for the ends of your bamboo floors

    Bamboo thresholds are often used to transition from a bamboo floor to a front door or sliding glass door. They can also be used to transition from a bamboo floor to a floor of a different height - either slightly higher or slightly lower.

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  • bamboo nosing click bull nose diagram
    Bamboo Stair Nosing
    Our bamboo bull noses help you on step downs or stairs

    Bamboo stair nosing, also known as bamboo stair nose, bull nose or bull nosing, is used to transition from a bamboo staircase up a level in your home, or on staircase landings or floor step downs.

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  • bamboo stair tread step landing diagram
    Bamboo Stair Treads
    Solid bamboo stair treads for a beautiful staircase

    Bamboo stair treads are the horizontal surfaces of the stairs - the parts you step on. All of our bamboo stair treads have three rounded edges - on the front, left and right sides. These pieces come as 4' pieces and can be trimmed to accommodate narrower stairs.

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  • bamboo stair riser up board diagram
    Bamboo Stair Riser
    For a beautifully finished staircase

    Bamboo stair risers are the vertical pieces of the stair steps. They "rise" up from one tread to another. We offer a wide selection of bamboo stair pieces that add the perfect accent to any renovation.

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  • bamboo flush mount register vent cover diagram
    Bamboo Floor Vent
    AKA Bamboo Grills, Bamboo Dampeners, Bamboo Register Covers

    Bamboo vent grills (also called dampeners or registers) give your floor a finished look by covering heating and air conditioning vents with registers that match your bamboo floor.

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  • bamboo wall base baseboard diagram
    Bamboo Baseboard
    Bamboo wall base pairs with quarter round for a finished look

    Bamboo baseboards, also known as wall base, are used to cover the lowest part of an interior wall. These baseboards cover any uneven cuts along the bottom of a wall and act as a beautiful transition between wall and floor.

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  • bamboo cove molding diagram
    Bamboo Cove Molding
    Bamboo cove molding used to finish stair treads
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  • Bamboo Spline Diagram
    Bamboo Spline
    Bamboo spline for changing plank direction

    Bamboo spline helps transition when you change direction in your flooring planks. It allows you to place two planks (tongue sides) together and continue your flooring installation.

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As one of the U.S.'s foremost bamboo floor suppliers, we are proud to offer everything you need to create beautiful home interiors, including bamboo moldings and accessories. We offer just about every type of molding and trim you can imagine, all designed to complement your existing wood floors as well as your current home style and decor. If you're interested in bamboo stair treads and bamboo risers, we have those too. Simply select the type of molding you need and learn more about the specifications and installation process. Please contact us if you have questions about specific moldings or other products such as woven bamboo flooring. We'll be happy to talk with you about what you might need.

Why Bamboo?

Environmentally conscious homeowners have been turning to bamboo trim and flooring for years now, and it's no surprise why - bamboo offers the strength, durability and good looks of hardwood in an economical and sustainable package. Because bamboo is a renewable resource, it's available at a fraction of the cost of other materials.

Our bamboo molding and trim pieces provide the perfect accent to any room. Whether you're looking to replace the existing trim in a room or are putting in a completely new floor installation, we've got the finishing extras you need to get any job done right.

Superior Finish and Elegant Style

Bamboo trim moldings from Ambient Bamboo Floors add the final touch to your renovation project. We have a wide variety of styles and finishes available to match any decor.

Take your pick from our selection of baseboards, risers and floor vents, stair treads, all built to withstand anything a busy family can throw at them. Our products are finished with our exclusive AccuSeal® Finish System, offering you the best in strength and protection. In fact, we warranty the finish of all our floors for 30 years.

Easy to Install and Maintain

It doesn't take an expert handyman to spruce up a room with one of our bamboo wood trim pieces. You won't need any special tools or materials that can't be found in an average hardware store. In fact, all you need is a nail gun or non-water based adhesive to secure your bamboo molding or trim piece. Maintenance is easy as well - stains and scuffmarks can usually be rubbed out with a damp cloth.

We Are The Customer Service Experts!

For all your bamboo wood trim and flooring needs, you can count on Ambient Bamboo Floors. As a BBB A+ certified business, we've been a customer service leader since 2005. Give us a call today - our team of experts is on hand to answer all your questions!

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