Take Control of Your Energy Bills: Your Guide to a DIY Home Energy Audit

DIY home energy audit

Those frustratingly high energy bills. The drafty rooms that always feel uncomfortable. Knowing you could be doing more for the environment. If this sounds familiar, a home energy audit might be just what you need. Why Bother with a Home Energy Audit? You might be thinking, “a home energy audit sounds good, but…” Let’s be honest – … Read more

Slash Your Bills: How Passive Solar Design Can Make Your Home Ultra-Efficient

Passive solar design is a game-changer for saving money on utility bills and reducing our carbon footprint. If you’re all about energy efficiency and eco-conscious living, you’ve landed in the right spot. Passive Solar Design Demystified Passive solar design is a smart approach to making your home work with nature. By placing windows strategically and … Read more

10 Unexpected Benefits of Living in an Energy-Efficient Home

A young couple sits at a table, examining a document and discovering the cost-saving benefits of embracing energy efficiency in their home.

Living with greater energy efficiency involves making minor lifestyle changes, using eco-friendly materials, and installing new appliances in your home.  The best method is to make gradual changes and see how they work out before taking the next step. As your home becomes more energy-efficient, you’ll experience the following benefits. 1. Pay Less for Utilities … Read more

It’s Time to Embrace Natural Light for Home Energy Savings!

Energy-efficient lighting contributes to ambience in the home

Imagine a home where the sun is the focus, creating a cozy atmosphere and saving you money on energy. That’s the magic of natural lighting, also known as daylighting. Use nature’s free natural light for home energy savings, to brighten spaces and boost well-being. The sun has recycled its light for billions of years, a … Read more

5 Green and Sustainable Construction Trends to Watch in 2023

Green and sustainable construction gained credibility when the US Green Building Council started the LEED Certification Program. It’s been growing like a weed since then (pun totally intended). Architects, engineers, and scientists continue to find ways to make buildings more environmentally friendly. Here are 5 green construction trends to watch this year. Some are simply … Read more

4 Sustainable Design Tips to Make Your Home Valuable and Appealing

Endless home improvement options await those looking to increase the value and appeal of their house. Just pinpointing where to begin the journey presents a challenge. Some renovations increase the value of a home and a portion can be recovered at a sale. Sustainability may be just the edge you need when selling your home. … Read more

3 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable With Biophilic Design

These days, concerns around sustainability are a popular topic. As temperatures rise, more people are concerned with energy saving appliances and helping the environment. When designing or upgrading your home, you have the opportunity to make sustainable choices that are better for the environment. Biophilic design describes architecture and elements that use the natural world … Read more

The Gasoline Carmageddon: Should You Still Buy Non-Electric Vehicles?

Nowadays, it can seem like electric vehicles (EVs) and their charging ports are everywhere you look. We all know that they’re good for the environment, right? Depending on where you live, you should get certain incentives for driving one, whether it’s a tax rebate or preferential parking, yet the upfront cost of an EV can … Read more