10 Ways To Save Money and Be Eco-Friendly At The Same Time

Going green can also fatten your pockets!  There are numerous benefits to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle but one of the most appealing is the fact that it can save you money. Today we’re going to outline 10 easy eco-friendly ways you can save money while helping the environment.


Reuse Your Water Bottle

Bottled water is incredibly wasteful not just to the environment but also to your bank balance. That’s why you should reuse a water bottle whenever possible, tap water is perfectly drinkable in the majority of places. So, if you want to be green and save money don’t buy a new bottle of water to quench your thirst have your own water bottle at the ready instead.


Take Shorter Showers

A long relaxing shower might be nice now and again but shorter showers can save you money on your water bill and protect the environment. If we all took just 30 seconds less in the shower we can save a huge amount of water.


Unplug Appliances That Aren’t Being Used

That sounds drastic we know, but let me explain. Switching off appliances doesn’t always stop them from using electricity, they use less of it sure but it’s still increasing your electric bill little by little. So, when something is not in use just pull the plug instead, being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply pulling the plug could cut the cost of your energy bills.


Dry Your Clothes In The Sun

You can cut costs and be green using the sun without needing solar panels! Tumble dryers are a common fixture in most homes but they take a lot of power to run, but why use a dryer when you have the sun? On a sunny day hanging your clothes out to dry can cut energy bills drastically and it’s an easy way to be more environmentally friendly.  Plus, you won’t need to use chemicals and dryer sheets, which can also cut down on the wearable life of your clothing.


Visit The Library

Local libraries are a great way to save money and reduce your consumer footprint, you can read newspapers and magazines and all the books you could want. And it won’t cost you a cent unless you bring them back late.


Walk More

Walking is a real triple threat! It saves you money on gasoline or public transportation, is the greenest travel option available, and will make you healthier. Of course, if you’re traveling long-distance it might not always be an option but when you can manage the distance why not walk?


Grow Your Own Produce

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is much easier than you might think and it’s a great way to save money and lead a greener lifestyle. Now you might have to go through a little trial and error and do some research to find out when is best for your climate. But with a little time, you could soon have your own thriving vegetable patch.


Recycle Whenever You Can

Was there any doubt that this would be on the list? Recycling is one of the best ways to be more eco-friendly and if you can recycle enough you could even make money. Recycling plants can be found all over the country and will happily pay for recyclable materials.


Get Energy Efficient Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs may cost a little more at first (prices can vary but around $5 is the average) but they last much longer and don’t take as much energy to run. So, they’re a great way to be green and cut costs in the future.


Be More Vigilant

By simply being a bit more vigilant you can be more eco-friendly and save money, for example, turn the lights off when you leave the room, or only turn the sink for a few seconds when you’re washing your hands or brushing your teeth. These small things can add up to big savings and you’ll be doing the environment a favor.


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Last update of the article: 11/23/2020

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