SPC and WPC Vinyl Flooring: A Beginner’s Guide

When you’re choosing your vinyl flooring, there are a few important decisions you’ll have to make, with one of them being whether you want SPC core vinyl flooring or WPC core vinyl flooring. What are these vinyl flooring types, and how are they different?

What do SPC and WPC stand for?

SPC and WPC are different types of vinyl flooring that you can use in your home or business. The main difference is what the core of these floors is made of.  SPC stands for stone polymer composite, and WPC, similarly, stands for wood polymer composite. Both materials are a blend of plastics and other materials that can be printed to look like many other popular flooring materials: wood, tile, stone, and more.

How are they alike? How are they different?

Both materials are composite materials that are typically installed via the loose-lay (floating “click-lock”) method. As the names would imply, the primary difference is in their core/substrate makeup and materials: rigid core vinyl SPC flooring has a core that is mostly made from stone – roughly 60% calcium carbonate (limestone) content. Comparatively, WPC is made mostly from plastic and may have additional wood products in it, including wood powder/flour. This tends to make WPC slightly lighter but less durable and dimensionally stable than SPC. SPC is denser and much more water-resistant despite generally being thinner than WPC, due to its ultra-stable stone composite core.  Neither requires a perfectly flat sub-floor to be laid, which is an advantage over hardwoods and tile.

Are WPC and SPC just vinyl floors?

While many vinyl floors get a bad reputation for being cheap and not quite as durable, WPC and SPC are slightly different. These composite materials do have a layer of printed vinyl, but these floors more closely mimic real wood and stone. Additionally, their composite material structure makes them less prone to expansion and contraction, easier to install right on the concrete, and extremely resistant to water, making them a great choice for floors that see heavy traffic or regular wear and tear.

Which should I choose?

While there are a few differences between WPC and SPC vinyl floors, the right one to choose will depend on where you are using it and what styles you are looking for. Both WPC and SPC floors are highly durable and can be a great choice for many different applications, and the right choice will depend on what you’re looking for from your flooring. SPC and WPC floors are a more durable, versatile flooring option with plenty of looks to fit your space.

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