Booming Bamboo: 5 Ways To Bring This Interior Decorating Trend Into Your Home

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As we fully get into the swing of 2019, one interior decorating trend is truly taking off. The prevalence of bamboo in American homes has reached a level of sophistication that can only come with modern revivals; gone are the days of cheap 1950s bamboo accents and textures as we accept the remarkably sustainable material into our lives once again. The bamboo plant can grow to maturity in as little as three to five years – for less than the 20,it takes for traditional hardwood trees. Let’s take a look at five ways you can bring this elegant material into your home.


Bamboo wood flooring is an excellent alternative to the classic hardwood options. Rather than opting for oak flooring (of which the trees take a staggering 25-50 years to mature), choose natural bamboo flooring; it costs less, is remarkably durable, and doesn’t negatively impact our very fragile environment.

At the same time, the beautiful eco-friendly material offers a light and airy feel that is almost spa-like in quality. It is also exceptionally minimalistic, allowing it to suit a variety of interior design themes and color palettes. With a number of bamboo flooring manufacturers ready to make your dreams a reality, you need only reach out to begin your journey towards elegant yet sustainable living.

Wallpaper and Fabric

Bamboo has firmly established itself in the eco-chic aesthetic, primarily due to its profound versatility. As a wallpaper design, it acts as a bit of a chameleon: it can match both traditional and bohemian aesthetics, which allows the material to appeal to a wide range of homeowners. The woven beachy and tropical vibe of bamboo attracts the naturalists of the world, while traditionalists prefer the chinoiserie-print look. Even better, whatever you choose will seamlessly match your natural bamboo flooring.

Indoor Plants

You don’t need to rely on bamboo flooring manufacturers to appreciate the beauty of bamboo in your home. Sometimes, its natural form is the best one. Although you can certainly use the hardy material to create your very own natural private fencing, small stalks provide a simple way to infuse the interior of your home with some much-needed greenery. There are several small dwarf varieties available just for this purpose; as long as they have access to some sunlight, they’ll thrive indoors.


Did we mention the fact that bamboo is versatile? The stuff can be used in virtually every corner of your home. Though we’ve come far since the Tiki days of old, bamboo furniture now holds its own place in the home; designers say that the material is a natural companion to the midcentury modern furniture trend, which has been flourishing in the last decade.

However, it’s vital that you use these pieces sparingly; though bamboo flooring manufacturers can create a seamless aesthetic that spans from room to room, too much bamboo furniture can make your home look like a Tiki bar itself. Unless that’s your goal, you’ll want to choose your pieces with a discerning eye: add a bamboo bench to your entryway, a chair in the living room, or a headboard above your bed.

Bathroom Accents

As we previously stated, bamboo invokes feelings of the spa. Since you can’t ask your bamboo flooring manufacturers to extend the material into your bathroom, adding unique accent pieces can make up for its absence. There are many ways to introduce these bamboo elements; place a bamboo bathmat in front of the sink, use a bamboo tray to hold the bathroom’s vital water glasses, or rely on a bamboo basket to hold the household’s various accouterments. Since plants double as accents, don’t forget to bring the vibrant stalks into the room as well.

The versatility of bamboo allows it to be introduced in nearly every aspect of the home. From its natural form to out-of-the-box decorative pieces, you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with your design; the lightweight and flexible qualities of bamboo give you free rein to explore it’s many (and we mean many!) uses. By integrating the natural beauty of bamboo into your home, you will be able to enjoy a classy, refreshing, and relaxing aesthetic every single day.

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