Use Wood Flooring To Change Your Space this Season


The downtime after the holidays provides the perfect lull to tackle some home renovations. To maximize your home’s comfort, there are certain updates you’ll want to consider that’ll last your home’s lifetime. Updating your current flooring brings a fresh look to tired spaces and provides an opportunity to create spaces that can handle life’s wear … Read more

Should I Refinish, Repair, or Replace My Hardwood Floor?


Refinishing is a critical part of hardwood floor upkeep. While hardwood floors are often seen as a cost-effective flooring, repetitive refinishing can feel burdensome and easy to procrastinate. The intensity of the refinishing process depends on the severity of damage, but it can often be completed efficiently without relying on professional help – making it … Read more

Bamboo Flooring VS. Cork Flooring | Side By Side Comparison

Bamboo vs cork flooring

So which surface is better for your home: bamboo or cork flooring? Both bamboo and cork floors are made from natural, sustainable plants, so you might anticipate they are similar in many other ways too. To a large extent, you would be correct. But some striking differences are likely to tip the balance, depending on … Read more