What Subfloor is Required for Solid Bamboo Flooring?


Looking to install new bamboo flooring in the near future? There’s more to this home improvement project than simply finding the floor that looks the best. If you want the installation process to go smoothly and provide long-lasting results, your first consideration must be your subfloor. Bamboo flooring, just like most other types of floors, can’t … Read more

How to Prepare for Bamboo Flooring Installation


You’ve spent hours pouring over internet sites, visiting stores, and comparing samples. Now it is finally time to move forward with installing the bamboo flooring of your dreams. Nothing impacts the life of your flooring like the installation process. Mess this up and it doesn’t matter how well your flooring is made, it won’t last. … Read more

Subfloor Preparation Before Installing Bamboo Flooring

Subfloor in kitchen

You’ve looked at all the advantages of bamboo flooring, and you’ve decided it’s the right solution for you. Subfloor preparation before you begin is a critical part of the installation process. You want your sub-floor to be flat, clean of any dirt and debris, and properly prepared for your bamboo flooring. Step 1: Set Your Temperature and … Read more