Trends in Flooring – What’s Hot in 2024

Flooring has never been just purely a functional undertaking. It often needs to be trendy and stylish and in-keeping with the design vision that has been implemented for the rest of the house.

And if you are a new homeowner or simply looking to renovate, it can be immensely helpful to know the types of flooring that serve both form and function in the uber-stylish era of 2024. Here are some trends in flooring that are predicted to last.

Terracotta Is Back

Terracotta has probably been around for centuries and centuries but its timeless appeal has found its way back into homes this year.

It provides a very semi-organic vibe to any interior design as it comes in earthy colors like brown, rust brownish orange, and even pale taupe. Intensely calming and rustic, terracotta is the design of choice for 2024 and there is a huge rise in choosing it for the foyer flooring as well as for balconies particularly for houses done up in the Spanish colonial style and other vintage styles.

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Since they are meant to look earthy, brown and casual, you do not have to worry about keeping them too clean and they give a very artistic yet throwaway look. The floor can be styled with jute or hand-woven rugs and some baskets and will look great in warm lighting as well as natural rays of sunlight. As any history enthusiast already knows, terracotta ages beautifully!

Charming Mosaics

Mosaic tiles in a range of styles (with mosaic penny tiles always being a budget friendly favorite) have been making meaningful waves for at least the last decade but their origins are a lot more ancient dating back to ancient Greece and subsequent eras.

Choosing mosaics is all about telling a story and there is no end to the color spectrum that one can choose from. For the year 2024, more monochrome mosaics are on-trend with colors like eggshell white, grey, and black. Mosaic flooring is always perfect for vintage lovers and people trying to showcase a unique statement in their space.

For the more expensive mosaic flooring options, a homeowner can go for a completely custom design but the more cost-effective version is to pick easy-install mosaic tiles that come with a meshed back and can be used for bathrooms and kitchens with ease. For a turn of the century bathroom, nothing looks more glamorous and old money than a mosaic tile bathroom floor.

Minimalist With Terrazzo

Terrazzo is by no means new to the world of flooring.

Terrazzo dates back to the Neolithic era according to some historians and it is made by having a thick layer of epoxy resin or concrete and incorporating a range of materials from glass to marble and limestone into the surface until a pattern appears.

The end result is grinded to polish it to a smooth finish and then sealed so it is easy to walk on and clean. Terrazzo can be installed in homes in large blocks or can even be laid down in strips to give a more unique design.

The style was big in the 60s and 70s but it is back and here to stay, especially for minimalist, artistic houses that want a bright and open feel. Terrazzo comes in tiles and can be used for floors but also for backsplashes, countertops and more, due to its sturdy and tough texture.

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Trends in kitchen flooring, like terrazzo, is a good option if you are concerned about using hardwood flooring. It is the perfect option to compliment and blend with light hardwood floors. Alternatively, check out our kitchen friendly options!

Checkerboard Classic

The checkerboard floor is iconic. From movies to real-life palaces, it has been featured in some of the most aesthetic locations as far as interior design is concerned.

Not surprisingly, checkerboard floors are the trendiest flooring option for 2024. The classic black and white, monochrome style is endlessly versatile but people are installing softer tones too such as pink and white or even white and grey and you can go with smaller tiles or larger ones.

Using white and black slabs of marble to achieve the checkerboard floor is a luxurious and glamorous way to make use of this trend. Checkerboard floors are also used for stylish office buildings and restaurants as industrial flooring solutions but they work just as well in the home.

Style your vintage bathroom with a classic checkerboard floor especially if you have a white tub with a brass faucet. Checkerboard floors are great for the kitchen and any living space as they do make a space appear large and airy.

Timeless Hardwood

Wood floors are incredibly stylish and rustic and even non-wooden laminate varieties have been taking off in recent years due to their ease of maintenance, not to mention they make a place look cozy and homey with minimum effort!

People particularly prefer wooden hardwood floors in their study or dining room where they can be a focal point of attention but they look great all over the house. Beautifully European and always stylish, hardwood floors are a difficult flooring trend to pass up on.

Wide planks in a pale tone gives an organic look to any space. Another gorgeous option that will be more widely seen are patterned floors, like chevron wood flooring.

Hardwood flooring color trends don’t simply pass. They are truly timeless and work with a huge variety of personal preferences.

Make Natural Materials Work

Natural materials as flooring options are a beautiful choice whether it is wood, marble, or stone and using larger format tiles is the best way to have real impact with your floors.

You do not have to go all out with Carrera marble, you can use slate or fake wood tiles. Porcelain and slate are excellent in terms of water resistance and not needing a ton of maintenance but porcelain costs quite a bit more than ceramic and some stone varieties.

You can use slate as a stylish and cost-effective alternative to porcelain, especially for large areas like terraces or foyers

If you do decide to go down the marble route, choose wisely! Pets or harsh cleaning materials can easily damage some marble.

Using it for the bathroom floor is wise if you can maintain the stone with organic cleaning products and prevent heavy staining.


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