2024 Interior Design Trends – A Journey of Self-Expression

As we journey into another year, interior design trends are evolving to embrace our need for self-expression. 

It’s about crafting spaces that we feel comfortable in, where every element, every detail, matters. And in this narrative of personal style, one element takes center stage – wood.

And where better to start than the perfect canvas? Let’s take a look at 2024 flooring trends, and how they will compliment your expression of self in the years to come.

Crafting Your Unique Home Story in 3 Steps

First, let’s have a look at Interior design trends that are already taking over.

Sustainable Materials Take Center Stage

The focus is on eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and, more importantly, designs that guarantee lasting quality (rather than disposable trends!). 

Sustainable options in interior design have shifted from a niche choice to a vital part of home decor. Embracing sustainability isn’t just a trend anymore. It’s a powerful commitment to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Create Bold displays for Statement

Adding a few key pieces featuring skilled work and genuine craftsmanship will enhance your home story.  Artisan work often uses locally-sourced, natural materials, and traditional techniques with a lower environmental footprint compared to mass-produced goods.

Also showcase eclectic, global design elements that’s as diverse and beautiful as the cultures that inspire it. 

As far as Paint color trends go, we are seeing some bolder, darker colors which would go very well with our greige flooring options.


Image Source: Fenwick & Tilbrook


Incorporate Sentiment for Personal Connection

Add family photos, souvenirs from your travels, or mementos from important life events. Additionally, strategically placed books also add to that restful, homey feel.

These become daily reminders of cherished moments and beloved people, infusing your space with warmth and your unique personality.

Lasting Interior Design Trends: 4 Ways Wood Floors Expresses Your Style 

You just can’t go wrong with wood floors. They’re that perfect blend of classic style and a cozy, inviting feel.

1. It’s a Powerful Expression of your Values 

Make an eco-friendly statement by choosing a wood floor supplier invested in sustainability. These natural materials make your space look good and show a strong commitment to the environment.

Light Eucalyptus Floor – Tupelo Honey by Ambient®


Achieve the Look

Choose bamboo floors for its versatility. Its light color and unique grain pattern provide a neutral canvas, that will adapt to any aesthetic you choose! 

Or opt for eucalyptus to add character and warmth to your home. Its varied hues, from light creams to rich reddish-browns can help you create a dynamic palette. Eucalyptus floors are known for its exceptional hardness as well. (Bring on family life!)

2. It Helps You Harmonize with Nature 

Bringing nature indoors is an evergreen source of inspiration for home design. 

Hardwood flooring is the perfect starting point. Add indoor plants, make the most of sunlight, and you are well on your way to creating a stronger connection with Mother Nature.

Source: Limitless by Glidden

Achieve the Look

Embrace the natural knots and warm tones of Eucalyptus for a natural feel. Or choose the unique marbled grain of bamboo. 

Add a mix of indoor plants and earthy elements in bold wood, clay or stone, then complete the look with a stunning new wall color. It’s simply about bringing the peacefulness of nature into your home.

3. It Creates a Calming Simplicity 

A clean and neat interior is calming and inviting, adding a touch of simplicity.

Wood adds that comforting, homely feel to the blend, preventing things from becoming too clinical. Additionally, it brings a natural warmth to the space.

Image Source: Desiree Burns Interiors


Achieve the Look

Create a balanced and orderly feel in your home with simple designs and light to medium toned floors.

Pick smooth floors, wide planks and skip textured surfaces to create a classic look. Furniture is smooth, rounded and all elements need to compliment the floors. The outcome is a space that’s practical and welcoming, striking a perfect balance between order and warmth.

4. It Adds the Perfect Texture   

It’s all about being clever with mixed texture. The new minimalist look is a gentler, rounded approach for tranquility. Wood flooring adds the palette to round it all off.

Achieve the Look

Create eye catching simplicity by focusing on tranquility in your design. Use different textures and Rounded curves. Calm colors in pale to mid tones will compliment the look. Add chevron flooring to achieve perfection.

Image Source: Nordiska Kok


In 2024, make your space a haven that showcases your style and promotes harmony, warmth, and comfort.  Explore these trends to infuse your home with a modern touch and a comfortable, homely feel.