The Pros and Cons of Eucalyptus Floors | A Guide

On the Greener Living Blog, we talk a lot about bamboo floors, and we’ve dedicated dozens of blogs to the subject. Our readers love to be informed about the various bamboo topics. However, some of you have raised the topic of eucalyptus floors. So we’re dedicating this blog to the pros and cons of Eucalyptus … Read more

13 Must-Have Bamboo Products For Your Sustainable Home

Wood products are common in the home – and for good reason! They are gorgeous, flexible in style, and add a natural warmth to any room. Traditional woods, however, can damage the environment when harvested, and the production process has an immense carbon footprint. Bamboo products have become an increasingly popular alternative for sustainable initiatives. … Read more

Gluing Down A Bamboo Floor: A Guide

We don’t like to do things halfway at the Greener Living Blog. That’s why we’ve given you three separate guides for each of the three installation methods: nail down, floating, and glue down. Aren’t we good to you? Now, we’ve told you there are three types of installation methods for bamboo flooring, so how do … Read more

How Do You Install Bamboo Flooring? A Guide to Floating Your Floors

Floating is the primary installation for engineered bamboo flooring, and it is simple enough for both DIY-homebuilders and professional installers. Once the proper preparation steps have been taken, all you’ll need is a straight line, a soft mallet, and an empty room to float your floors! Using a convenient click-lock mechanism, the planks slide right … Read more

How To Save Money On Home Improvements

Save Money Home Improvements

Whenever you make improvements to your home, you run the risk of spending much more money than you planned. Sometimes you’ll find that you need extra work done to your subfloor before you can remodel a kitchen or a fixture that the entire design was based around quickly becomes unfashionable. This guide will show you … Read more

Is Bamboo Flooring Toxic or is it Safe?

One question we often get is, “Do your floors off-gas, and what are the levels of formaldehyde?” Bamboo floors often contain what is referred to as “trace amounts” of urea formaldehyde used in the production process. While high concentrations of formaldehyde can be harmful, bamboo floors are not toxic inherently. Additionally, they are subject to rigorous regulation … Read more

Can I Install Bamboo Flooring in a Basement?

Bamboo Flooring Basement Installation

Some of the questions we get most often around here concern bamboo and basements. People want to know if they can install bamboo flooring in a basement if doing so will pose any problems and complete a successful installation (Be sure to read How to Install a Floating Bamboo Floor). YES – is perfectly suited … Read more

12 Dark Hardwood Floors To Die For

If you need new floors in your house, then you want something long-lasting, able to suit any décor, and capable of adding value to your home. That’s probably how you ended up looking at hardwood floors. Even if you’re not in the market for a whole new floor at the moment, it’s still nice to … Read more