Why Bamboo Flooring is the Perfect Choice for Long Term Sustainability

Bamboo is one of the best options if you’re looking for durable, sustainable, and affordable flooring, and there is just something very special about this beautiful material. Bamboo – the magnificent plant that it is – has been used for centuries as scaffolding to make some pretty impressive buildings. Because of its lightweight and high … Read more

The Interesting History of the Bamboo Plant & Its Uses

image showing a chair and a basket on bamboo flooring

The history of the usage of bamboo by humans dates back to more than 5000 years ago. Its longevity speaks for its functionality and efficiency. Ever since the Song Dynasty in ancient China, bamboo has man uses. From basic construction materials and clothing to food and medicine, this plant is extremely versatile. What is Bamboo, … Read more

Can I Sell You My Homegrown Bamboo?

Home-grown bamboo in gardens

At Ambient Bamboo Floors, we’re often asked: Will you buy the bamboo in my backyard? While we support recycling and re-use, unfortunately, the answer is no.  There are many different reasons for this – the key one being that the Moso bamboo species we use in our flooring is a different species than what exists … Read more

Does Bamboo Flooring Contain Formaldehyde or Other Harmful Chemicals?

Urea formaldehyde is a polymer used in the production of many hardwood floors, plywood, and even adhesive products. Bamboo flooring is often found to emit trace amounts of formaldehyde by virtue of its production. Formaldehyde, however, is only toxic in large quantities. Despite trace amounts, all bamboo products should be compliant with low-emission standards for … Read more