How to install a eucalyptus floor in your house

While you may decide to have your eucalyptus floor installed professionally, it is a job that can easily be accomplished by anyone with reasonable do-it-yourself skills. If you choose to install the floor yourself, it is important to familiarize yourself with each stage before starting the task, preferably before ordering the flooring planks. There are many … Read more

Durability, Affordability, Sustainability: The Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

The popularity of bamboo continues to rise as more homeowners search for greener alternatives to traditional hardwood floors. One of the advantages of bamboo flooring is that the plant itself is able to regenerate so quickly. Another clear advantage is the extreme toughness of strand woven bamboo. Its eco-friendliness is because bamboo is grass and … Read more

Is Eucalyptus Flooring Eco-Friendly? Does It Grow Fast?

Today the environment is more important to us than ever, so it’s not surprising that many of us are looking at possible ways to make our homes greener. Doing so could be something as simple as increasing the amount you recycle by seeking out local recycling facilities – especially if your curbside collections are less … Read more

How to Make Your House Zero-Waste

Our throwaway consumer culture has created a lot of problems for the world at large by increasing our waste exponentially. Now our landfills are at breaking point, there’s a 600,000 square mile garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean, and even burning the trash to create fuel is causing massive pollution problems. I’d like to blame … Read more

How To Use Bamboo In Your Cooking

Bamboo Cooking

Last Updated: 9/13/21 At the Greener Living Blog, we love bamboo. We want to build homes with it, fill those holes with the coolest bamboo accessories, and even plant bamboo in the gardens. We love bamboo so much because we’ve done a lot of research about the numerous benefits of the bamboo plant, and we … Read more

16 things you can do to create a green workplace

As society becomes more aware of sustainability and the eco-threats facing our little blue planet, we naturally want to do all we can to protect it. That’s why we use canvas shopping bags, use public transport more frequently, and even go on litter picks in our local neighborhood. It’s great that everyone is trying to … Read more

13 Unique Plants To Grow In Your Garden

Gardens are a common way to spruce up the landscape around your house – but how do set yours apart? You could make a creative planter by repurposing an old wagon or other antiques. Box gardens have also become a common trend for homes with limited space for expansive gardens. Many overlook this possibility, but … Read more

How to Eco-hack Your Home

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact that we humans are having on our planet. That’s why we’re making extra efforts to buy organic, drive less, and lobby our elected officials to support green initiatives. These are all important steps to making the world a better place, but with Americans spending an average of … Read more

13 Must-Have Bamboo Products For Your Sustainable Home

Wood products are common in the home – and for good reason! They are gorgeous, flexible in style, and add a natural warmth to any room. Traditional woods, however, can damage the environment when harvested, and the production process has an immense carbon footprint. Bamboo products have become an increasingly popular alternative for sustainable initiatives. … Read more