5 Tips for a Greener Move

A young couple moving into a house or apartment. Their pickup truck is full of cardboard boxes and furniture. They are smiling at the camera, lifting the boxes.

Moving to a new home is both stressful and exciting. You’re getting the opportunity for a fresh start but will have to plan one (or more) of the busiest days of your life. The average American moves twelve times in their lifetime. Last year alone, 43 million Americans went on this adventure. Given the stress … Read more

5 Green Life Hacks For Cleaning Your Home

Eco-friendly natural cleaning supplies made of lemon and baking soda on white wooden table

Most of us have a cabinet filled with spray bottles and cleaning detergents, but it wasn’t so long ago that keeping your house clean didn’t involve buying bottles of harsh chemicals. In fact, most of what our grandparents’ generation used to clean with were the same household staples they cooked with. These older methods are … Read more

10 Ways To Save Money and Be Eco-Friendly At The Same Time

10 eco friendly tips for saving money

Going green can also fatten your pockets!  There are numerous benefits to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle but one of the most appealing is the fact that it can save you money. Today we’re going to outline 10 easy eco-friendly ways you can save money while helping the environment. Reuse Your Water Bottle Bottled water … Read more

How A Digital Detox Can Change Your Life

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have recently become major parts of everyday life. With a wide range of apps for pretty much everything, you can live your entire life through your phone nowadays. From apps to help us cook, monitor fitness, capture pictures, and map the best routes through our cities there really is an app … Read more

Seven Naturally Green Tips For Healthy And Energizing Sleep

Side view of beautiful young woman smiling while sleeping in her bed at home

There’s a reason ‘sleeping like a baby’ means getting good deep sleep. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to let go of the day’s concerns and slip into a comfortable and restful sleep. When you can’t sleep, your mind churns and your body never quite settles. You find yourself having fitful dreams about … Read more

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Home Renovation Scraps

How to recycle your home renovation scraps

Renovating your home is an exciting time. It’s easy to get carried away in the thrill of the project without thinking about the environmental consequences. In fact, over 30% of all landfill waste comes from DIY and construction projects. That’s a phenomenal amount. It’s sad to think that much of that waste could probably have … Read more

5 Green Reasons to Go Minimal

Interior of living room with wooden triangular coffee table, lamps and yellow armchair and bamboo flooring

Minimalism is sweeping the nation. It seems everywhere you turn these days there is an article about another young person who has decided they have had enough of consumerism and are taking steps toward a life with less. Tiny houses now grace our televisions, and numerous books about minimalism fill the shelves of our bookstores and libraries. What … Read more