10 Ways to Have a Green Christmas

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It’s a time when the family gathers together and perhaps the second most popular seasonal event of the year behind Thanksgiving. Young and old, we all love Christmas and there’s nothing better than celebrating the festivities with those we love. With the Climate Change Conference has just finished in Paris and governments agreeing to make … Read more

Why Rainwater Harvesting Matters in America

Why Rainwater Harvesting Matters in America

As a fairly affluent Western country with a pretty large landmass and a decent-sized population, we’ve gotten used to having those essentials delivered straight to our door. Water is one of life’s little necessities that we can take for granted – there’s an unending supply, right? It just falls from the sky, and there’s plenty … Read more

The 6 Greenest Flooring Options for Today’s Eco-Conscious Homeowners

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As more and more homeowners have become environmentally conscious, they’ve looked for ways to decrease their carbon footprint right at home. One of the biggest ways homeowners can help the environment is to select green materials in the building or renovation of their space. And, since flooring is one of the biggest aspects of any … Read more