Smart homes: The future of energy efficient living?

As Wi-Fi capabilities increase and technology advances, products that make your home “smart” are rapidly gaining popularity. From accurately tracking your energy bills to remotely switching off the lights, smart home technology is available for almost every part of your home. This video shows a demo of what a fully automated smart home might look … Read more

21 ways to transform trash into something beautiful

We’ve written before on this blog about the importance of recycling to reduce your wastage and do your bit to help the planet by limiting your landfill contributions. This week, we thought we’d take a different approach to trash. Rather than putting it all out for the recycle trucks, why not have a go at … Read more

How To Stay Cool This Summer Without Putting On Your Air Conditioning

It’s summer now and the temperatures are WARM! One of the biggest concerns to many during the hotter months is the problem of staying cool. Many people turn to their air conditioners, but that presents its own problems. Not only are air conditioners expensive to purchase, but they are also costly to run too. They’ll … Read more