Your Love Life and Flooring Choices: Is There a Connection?

Every home has a floor. Floors protect us and give us a stable surface to walk, stand, sit, sleep, work, and play every day.

They reflect our taste in home décor and sense of what makes a home. But imagine for a moment that flooring choices also say something about your love life. Would you be a classic romantic or natural and forgiving partner?

Read on to find out! (In case it’s not already clear, this not a reliable, scientific, or realistic way to choose flooring or describe yourself as a romantic partner.)

Ceramic Tile

You’re cool in the early stages of love. But given the right conditions, you warm up quickly, allowing that special someone to see all the vibrancy you can bring to the relationship.

History, you believe, is a good predictor of the future. That makes you ask a lot of questions. But that isn’t a problem because you’re a good listener and gain a deep understanding of your romantic partner.


Best date activity: skating

Favorite romantic movie: Notting Hill


If the carpet is your flooring choice, you’re a cuddly romantic partner. You seek to protect but can hold a grudge if you get hurt. You’ll eventually let it go and things will get back to normal. But the memory of the pain won’t fade.

Best date activity: cooking comfort foods

Favorite romantic movie: The Princess Bride


The way you understand imperfections in yourself and others is a big part of your charm. You’re unassuming and traditional, which isn’t as common as you might think.

It’s easy for your partner to relax around you. Letting love run its natural course is easy for you as you search for “the one”. Former partners always speak fondly of you.

Best date activity: crafts

Favorite romantic movie: The Notebook


Not everyone appreciates your capacity for long-term love. Most see you as dull and unadventurous. But to the lucky someone to whom you commit, you shine.

You appreciate the value of the home and aren’t shy about showing affection for the one who holds your heart. In return, you expect tenderness and care during bumpy times.

Best date activity: board games

Favorite romantic movie: Shakespeare in Love


No one can be a stronger and more steadfast partner than you. You’ve experienced the ups and downs of life yet still find ways to see the beauty in the world. Your wise optimism is alluring.

You’ll protect your loved one’s secrets and trust them with your own. The bonds you form are inspirational to others. Former romantic partners call you the one who got away.

Best date activity: dinner and live theater

Favorite romantic movie: Ghost


You are kind, natural, and compassionate in love. When a romantic partner treats you with respect, your affection is boundless.

When hiccups and misunderstandings come your way, you’re open to honest communication. Quick to forgive, you expect the same from your partner. Ongoing personal growth is important to you and the key to your success in love.

flooring choices bamboo

Best date activity: walking and talking

Favorite romantic movie: Before Sunrise


To those who don’t try to see beyond your sober facade, you can seem more utilitarian and aloof than romantic. While it’s true that you like structure and think that finding the right match is about statistics, you’re not unkind.

When you decide to let that special person past your defense mechanisms, you are bright and devoted in love.

Best date activity: grocery shopping

Favorite romantic movie: When Harry Met Sally


There’s nothing you enjoy more than absorbing the vibe of your sweetheart. You have a special way of combining all that’s good in them with the best of yourself to shape a beautiful love experience.

You excel at keeping that special someone’s best interests at heart while staying true to your own values and goals. If hurt, you will hide it well.

Best date activity: Tango dancing

Favorite romantic movie: Casablanca


If you choose marble flooring, you’re all about classic romance with champagne, chocolate truffles, and red roses. You want every day with your special someone to feel like a courtship no matter long you’ve been together.

To that end, you believe in grand romantic gestures, never wearing sweatpants, and always saying “I love you” before going to sleep.

flooring choices marble

Best date activity: Dinner by candlelight

Favorite romantic movie: An Affair to Remember

Making Real Life Flooring Choices

It’s fun to imagine that flooring choices can reveal insights into your love life.

Truth is, in real life, flooring preferences can be swayed by budget, value for money, and the effort needed for maintenance.

We know because we’ve helped thousands of customers make a “love connection” with bamboo flooring for their home. And, we’re pretty sure not all of them have the same favorite movie or idea of the best date activity.

But then again, we’ve never asked. Until now. To learn more about bamboo flooring, take a look at the 11 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Flooring.

Spice up your love life with Ambient Tiger Strand Bamboo Flooring!

What do you think your flooring says about your views on love and romance? Let us know in the comments box below.

If you would like a sample of our gorgeous bamboo flooring for inspiration in your love-life, click on the box below! For any other questions about flooring and not related to love, please call one of our flooring experts today at (866) 710-7070.

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