8 Home Office Remodel Ideas

A woman sits in front of a laptop, holding a mug and admiring the white desktop she included in her home office remodel.

If you work from home, an uninspiring environment can drain your energy levels. Taking on a home office remodel allows you to revitalize this important workspace. You can introduce new colors, an interesting layout, and new furnishings to create an entirely different atmosphere. Get Started on Your Remodel Need inspiration for your home office remodel? … Read more

Going Green in the Workplace 2020 – Home Version

Eco-friendly home office

Back in 2018, we shared 8 Tips for Going Green in the Workplace. What a difference two years makes! These days, it seems everyone is working from home, and there are no big signs of change. Earlier this month, Facebook announced its employees would continue working from home until at least July 2021. Going green … Read more