8 Home Office Remodel Ideas

If you work from home, an uninspiring environment can drain your energy levels. Taking on a home office remodel allows you to revitalize this important workspace. You can introduce new colors, an interesting layout, and new furnishings to create an entirely different atmosphere.

Get Started on Your Remodel

Need inspiration for your home office remodel? These eight ideas could be enough to recharge your batteries.

1. Choose the Right Space for Your Home Office

When it’s time to renovate home office spaces in your home, you’ll need to choose a location. You might already have a room or an area in your home set aside. If not, all you really need is a corner, a nook, or a few spare square feet.

Pro Tip: Turn your attic or basement into a large workspace. This gives you a blank canvas as you start your home office remodel. Paint the trim white and add a darker color for the walls to transform a mundane area into a dazzling home office.

2. Save Space With a Wall-Mounted Desk

A woman sits in front of a laptop, holding a mug and admiring the white desktop she included in her home office remodel.

Saving space might be a priority with your home office remodel. Consider building your own wall-mounted desk. You’ll just need a few hinges to mount it to your wall, a flat surface to serve as the desktop, and legs or a support beam to brace the desktop against the wall. 

The advantage of this type of desktop is that you can fold it down when the desk isn’t in use. If your home office is a corner nook in your kitchen or dining room, a wall-mounted desktop makes a great space saver.

Are you working in a tight space? These ideas can help you create a more spacious work area:

3. Add More Natural Lighting Easily

It’s important to install good lighting in your office to protect your eyes from strain. You can use canned lighting for a more relaxing atmosphere, but your home office remodel should include a brighter overhead light for reading and writing.

As you renovate home office workspaces, look for opportunities to let in natural daylight. For example, you could hang mirrors across from the windows. The reflected sunlight will bounce off of the mirrors and brighten the room.

Did You Know: You can add a brighter feel to any room by painting the walls a lighter color. 

These light and inspiring colors are great for home offices:

  • Mint green 
  • Sky blue 
  • Tan or light brown
  • Pink or rose

If your room has large windows that let in plenty of natural light, it can have darker walls without feeling too claustrophobic.

4. Consider Ditching the Carpet

As you design your home office remodel, consider getting rid of carpeting in this part of your home. The carpet fibers will collect anything you drop, including paper clips and staples. Additionally, it can be difficult to maneuver an office chair while on thick carpeting.

LVP and tile flooring are great options when you want to renovate home office floors. Or consider bamboo or eucalyptus flooring for a sophisticated, natural look. But even with the hardiest flooring materials, an office chair can scratch the floor’s surface. You can better protect your flooring by adding a chair mat.

5. Add Smart Technology for Better Efficiency

A remote worker sits in an office that melds smart technology with a bright home office remodel design to promote productivity in her work area.

Smart technology has come a long way in helping homeowners maintain tighter control over their energy use. Look for ways to modernize your home as you design your home office remodel

Smart thermostats and smart lighting can help you manage energy use while ensuring your office is ready for work. You can control these features with an app on your phone so you won’t walk into a dark and cold office.

Did You Know: You can buy a smart air purifier that will sense when there are too many contaminants in the air. It will run long enough to clear the air.

6. Build Shelves With Reclaimed Wood

Incorporate eco-friendly living tips as you renovate home office space by looking for ways to create furnishings with sustainable resources. Look for aged wood on your beach or in a nearby forest. A little light sanding and a protective wood stain are all you need to transform reclaimed wood into beautiful wall shelves.

Adding wall shelving in convenient locations will help you work more efficiently. Use wood from different types of trees to build wall shelves of varying colors, thicknesses, and shapes.

7. Use a Mobile Cart for Your Office Machines

Another way to save space and work efficiently is to include a kitchen cart in your home office design. Set your computer tower, printer, and other equipment on the cart to keep everything mobile. You can pull the cart closer to you when you need it. When you’re done working for the day, push the cart out of the way.

8. Fill Your Walls With Visual Diversions

While efficiency is essential as you undertake your home office remodel, inspiration and aesthetics are equally important. If you have a corner desk, use wallpaper to give your eyes somewhere to focus. Wallpaper with a natural landscape can help you divert your attention when you feel stuck on a problem.

More home office design ideas include hanging posters, photographs, and paintings on the walls throughout the room. The decor will give you something interesting to look at as you work. Visual diversions might be what you need to inspire fresh ideas and creative thinking.

Create a Productive Environment in Your Home Office 

Use these ideas to help you build a home office remodel that will inspire your productivity. From adding shelves that are easier to reach to brightening up the room with more vibrant colors, these simple changes can have lasting positive effects.

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