Move Over Old-School! Why MagPanel is the Future of Sustainable Subfloors

The best subfloor material makes a world of difference! Investing in beautiful new flooring is a waste if it ends up squeaking, buckling, or failing because of a poor foundation. That’s why savvy homeowners are ditching outdated options and turning to something better: MagPanel.

It’s not just a building material. It’s a stronger, healthier, and more eco-friendly way to support your floors.

The Subfloor That Makes a Difference

If you’re ready to leave behind the compromises of traditional subfloors, MagPanel offers a clear upgrade. Let’s explore the advantages that make it a superior foundation for your home.

For Strength You Can Count On

MgO board provides a strong and stable base for your floors, reducing the potential for flexing, sagging, or unevenness. It is able to handle heavy furniture, appliances, and foot traffic. This means your floors feel solid and stable for years to come.

It Boasts Superior Moisture Resistance

Unlike wood-based subfloors, MagPanel is fully inorganic and water-resistant. This means no rot, swelling, delamination, mold, or mildew. This especially makes is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

You Get Enhanced Fire Safety

MagPanel’s non-combustible properties offer valuable fire resistance, adding a layer of protection to your home. In the event of a fire, it can help slow the spread of flames, buying precious time for safe evacuation.

And Then There is Sound Reduction

While not a dedicated soundproofing solution, MagPanel can help reduce some noise transmission between floors.

The Foundation for a Healthier Home 

Its resistance to mold and mildew promotes cleaner indoor air quality – a quality that shines in moisture-prone areas. However, remember that overall good ventilation and moisture control are still crucial for the best indoor air quality.

The Eco-Advantages of MagPanel

The best subfloor material delivers both top-notch performance and makes a conscious effort to minimize its environmental impact. MagPanel’s superior performance goes hand-in-hand with its environmentally conscious design. Here’s why it’s a greener choice for your subfloor:

  • Lower carbon footprint during production.
  • Made with natural minerals and potential for recycled content.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and VOCs.
  • Built to last, reducing waste and the need for replacements.

One Subfloor, Endless Possibilities

the best subfloor material is versatile

The best subfloor material should provide the strength and exceptional stability. Elements that are essential for supporting a wide range of beautiful flooring options.

Wood Flooring

MagPanel’s smooth, level surface is perfect for both nail-down and floating wood floor installations. Say goodbye to squeaks and unevenness, and hello to the timeless beauty of wooden floors.

Tile Installations

MagPanel provides an unyielding foundation for tile. This prevents cracking, ensures longevity, and is ideal for wet areas like kitchens or bathrooms.

Carpet and Padding

MagPanel’s moisture resistance protects your carpet and padding from mold and mildew in damp basements or below-grade rooms. Enjoy plush comfort for years to come.

Other Finishes

You can use MagPanel as an underlayment for different types of flooring like vinyl planks, laminate, and polished concrete. This gives you the flexibility to get creative with your flooring choices.

Important Note: Always consult manufacturer recommendations for your chosen flooring type to ensure proper installation and compatibility with MagPanel.

Installation Best Practices

While MagPanel offers superior performance, it’s important to understand the recommended installation practices to ensure the best results:


For subflooring applications, a 3/4 inch thickness is the standard recommendation. This provides ample strength and stability for typical 24-inch joist spacing.

Weight and Handling

The 3/4 inch MagPanel boards are heavier than traditional plywood subflooring. It boasts greater impact resistance, but might require additional manpower during installation.


Attach MagPanel directly to floor joists every 6-8 inches. Because of its density, you need screws or pneumatic nails. Pneumatic tools are the preferred choice.


Before installing, let MagPanel boards sit in the intended environment for at least 72 hours to acclimate. This minimizes potential expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity changes.

Special Considerations

MagPanel has different installation techniques than traditional subfloors. However, its long-term benefits in health, environmental impact, and floor strength make it a valuable investment. Finding a trained contractor ensures a proper installation, maximizing these benefits.

Important Note: Always follow local building codes and manufacturer instructions for the most successful MagPanel subfloor installation.

The Best Subfloor Material is Here

the best subfloor material is here

The best subfloor should deliver strength, moisture resistance, fire safety, and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable home. MagPanel stands out as the clear winner, offering a significant upgrade over traditional options.

And while installation might require slightly different techniques, its long-term benefits are well worth the investment.

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