Move Over Old-School! Why MagPanel is the Future of Sustainable Subfloors

best subfloor material

The best subfloor material makes a world of difference! Investing in beautiful new flooring is a waste if it ends up squeaking, buckling, or failing because of a poor foundation. That’s why savvy homeowners are ditching outdated options and turning to something better: MagPanel. It’s not just a building material. It’s a stronger, healthier, and … Read more

Slash Your Bills: How Passive Solar Design Can Make Your Home Ultra-Efficient

Passive solar design is a game-changer for saving money on utility bills and reducing our carbon footprint. If you’re all about energy efficiency and eco-conscious living, you’ve landed in the right spot. Passive Solar Design Demystified Passive solar design is a smart approach to making your home work with nature. By placing windows strategically and … Read more

Control Mold Like a Pro: 3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Home Healthy!

Control mold using natural methods

Mold is not only ugly, its dangerous. It can cause health problems, damage your home, and waste your energy. Such a nasty deal. Although you can’t eliminate it completely, you can keep things under control. We want to talk about how you can control mold in three easy steps, and keep your home healthy and … Read more

Discover MagPanel® – The Next-Gen Eco-Friendly Building Material

When sourcing eco-friendly building materials for your next project, don’t limit yourself to traditional options. Embrace the future of construction with MagPanel®, the next-gen eco-friendly building solution. What Exactly is MagPanel®? MagPanel® is a special type of magnesium oxide board. It’s a mineral-based building material that is far superior to plywood, oriented strand board, fiber … Read more

5 Green and Sustainable Construction Trends to Watch in 2023

Green and sustainable construction gained credibility when the US Green Building Council started the LEED Certification Program. It’s been growing like a weed since then (pun totally intended). Architects, engineers, and scientists continue to find ways to make buildings more environmentally friendly. Here are 5 green construction trends to watch this year. Some are simply … Read more

Best Eco-Friendly Wood Types for Sustainable Furniture

Designing your home is no easy task. Especially when you’re looking for furniture that’s just as ethical and sustainable as it is elegant and functional. One of the main aspects that make furniture environmentally friendly is the wood that’s used as raw material. While the sustainability of conventional wooden furniture is still questionable, there are … Read more

3 Ideas for Adding Plants to Your Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are important parts of any property. They keep out unwanted people and animals, and they keep your family safe. Still, they aren’t always the prettiest objects to look at.  Enter plants. Plants provide excellent coverage and privacy. They are easily combined with existing privacy measures, like screens and fences. They are also customizable … Read more

Customer Stories: Bamboo on the Move

  As a company specializing in building products, we usually see our products in homes – and the occasional commercial space. For our latest customer story, we’re hitting the road with San Juan Vans. This unique company has utilized our bamboo plywood for cabinetry, countertops, and more. This is par for the course, but here’s … Read more

Restoring Historic Buildings for Eco-Friendliness

Historic architecture is important to maintain because of its cultural value. Some of these buildings, however, are not entirely fit for modern standards of sustainability. Such historical buildings include houses that must be retrofit before they can be lived in again. Do they have centralized air conditioning or heating? Are there unsealed doors and windows … Read more