Shopping Green This Holiday Season

For the 2022 holiday season, going green doesn’t refer to that nasty Grinch, it means shopping green. Most all consumers seek added value from ecologically-friendly products, but this is especially true for Gen Z. Savvy shoppers don’t fall for green-washing and dedicated environmentalists do a quick eye-roll when brands advertise their “eco-friendly” line of burgers, … Read more

There’s Asbestos in My Home: Now What?

One of the most fulfilling but challenging experiences throughout life is being a homeowner. No matter how sound our engineering becomes, homes will still always naturally degrade over time. Weather, wear-and-tear, and faulty repairs will likely lead you to have to make some repairs of your own as a homeowner. As you approach these projects, … Read more

The Benefits of Having a Lucky Bamboo Plant in Your House

Here at Ambient, we’re often asked if we can buy bamboo from someone’s home or yard. The easy answer is no, but that doesn’t mean that the conversation ends there. Bamboo flooring is most often manufactured using moso bamboo – known for its size and strength. If you have bamboo growing in or around your house, … Read more

Is Organic Food More Expensive and Why?

The best part of living a sustainable lifestyle is that there’s no single right way to do it. From reusing jars and composting to investing in sustainable fashion and renewable energy, there are dozens of sustainable practices that you can incorporate into your everyday life.  Yet many people overlook the sustainability of the simple act … Read more

Sustainable Late Season Travel Tips

Late-season travel can be great for individuals and families looking to avoid crowds and higher prices. While it is certainly more enjoyable for some to get out and explore when the temperatures are warmer or more moderate, traveling when it is a bit cooler can offer you a new perspective. You may find that it … Read more

How to Compost Your Kitchen Trash into Rich Gardening Soil

Hand holing Soil created from Home Composting kitchen scraps or vegetables and fruit along with fall leaves and grass clippings. Final product dark brown earth rich with nutrients and worms to spread around the garden.

When deciding what to recycle and what must go to the landfill, you can’t help but start to wonder about the kitchen scraps. If you’ve ever felt weird about dumping out vegetable stems and leftovers, you’re not alone. Our ancestors survived by figuring out how to make the most of every possible resource and why … Read more

How To Use Bamboo In Your Cooking

Bamboo Cooking

Last Updated: 9/13/21 At the Greener Living Blog, we love bamboo. We want to build homes with it, fill those holes with the coolest bamboo accessories, and even plant bamboo in the gardens. We love bamboo so much because we’ve done a lot of research about the numerous benefits of the bamboo plant, and we … Read more