7 Steps for Summer Rain Garden Design

Rain is an essential part of nature’s cycle. Without it, waterways would dry up, disrupting water supplies and destroying ecosystems. However, consider how rain makes it back into rivers and lakes once it lands. What doesn’t flow directly into waterways absorbs through the earth. There, it collects into underground water sources, thus completing the cycle. … Read more

Green Landscaping: How Eco-Friendly Design Can Benefit the Local Ecosystem

Are you looking to go green with your landscaping? There are many easy ways to design your yard so that it benefits the local ecosystem. By choosing plants and features that support wildlife and attract beneficial insects, you can create a beautiful landscape while helping to sustain the environment. Here are a few tips for … Read more

Is Organic Food More Expensive and Why?

The best part of living a sustainable lifestyle is that there’s no single right way to do it. From reusing jars and composting to investing in sustainable fashion and renewable energy, there are dozens of sustainable practices that you can incorporate into your everyday life.  Yet many people overlook the sustainability of the simple act … Read more