Getting Your Guest Room Ready for this Holiday Season

House The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the many guests who will share our homes in celebration. Before your guests start arriving, make sure your guest room is ready to make them feel welcome.

Give it a Breath of Fresh Air

Let’s face it, guest rooms tend to be those places where we store unused exercise equipment and boxes of old books. They see little action for most of the year, and the air quality inside tends to get a bit stale and perhaps even moldy. It’s a great idea to open the windows every day a week before your guests arrive to really air it out. You may also want to consider having a humidifier going a day or two beforehand as well to rid the room of any excess moisture. Doing both of these things will make the room feel light and welcoming.

Change or Wash the Bedding

Many people assume that because they put fresh sheets on the bed a year ago, they’re still, well, fresh. But all of that dank air has settled into the fibers so most likely, your sheets will no longer smell fresh, but instead a bit musty and stale. Would you want to drive 300 miles to visit someone and go to bed that night in musty sheets? Give them a fresh washing using some nice scented fabric softener.

Give Your Guests Plenty of Storage

No one likes living out of a suitcase, even if it’s only for a couple of days, so make sure to provide your guests with adequate storage space. There should be room in the closet to hang clothes. You should also provide hangars, as not everyone will travel with these. Also, make sure you keep a drawer or two open so your guests can store their folded clothes away. And finally, think of surface areas as well. Make sure the surface of the dresser has space for your guests’ belongings, and don’t clutter the bedside table with too many tchotchkes.

Go the Extra Mile

You’ve spent time decorating your living room and dining room for the holidays, but why not decorate your guest room as well? Imagine the look on their face when you open the door and they see their own little Christmas tree and white, twinkly lights. Decorating their room will make your guest’s visit that much more special.

These little tips won’t take long to implement but will make a world of difference for the travelers visiting you this holiday season.

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