How To Stay Cool This Summer Without Putting On Your Air Conditioning

How to stay cool in summer

It’s summer now and the temperatures are WARM! One of the biggest concerns to many during the hotter months is the problem of staying cool. Many people turn to their air conditioners, but that presents its own problems.

Not only are air conditioners expensive to purchase, but they are also costly to run too. They’ll shoot your electric bill sky-high before you can say “ice cream sundae”.

Help to reduce your energy consumption this summer with these natural ways to stay cool without switching on the air conditioning.

Food and drink to cool you down

When it’s hot outside, you might not feel like eating so much. Try to stick to lighter meals such as salads, soups, stir-fries, and grilled meat. Not only will lighter meals stop you from feeling lethargic but if you make smart choices about your meal preparation you can avoid switching on your stove which will help to keep your house cooler.

Here is some summer recipe inspiration:

Spicy food such as curries can also cool you down (as counter-intuitive as that sounds!). This is because it causes you to sweat (which cools you down) without actually raising your body temperature.

Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol as they both dehydrate the body. Soft drinks are best in hot weather and you can’t beat a good glass of water. Not a fan of plain water? Try adding some ice cubes and slices of lemon or lime to give it some flavor.

Keep a stash of ice in the freezer and add it to all your cold drinks to enhance their cooling power.

Staying cool in the home

Keep your bedroom cool by opening the window and shutting the blinds. Keeping direct sunlight out of the room will keep it cooler. If you go out during the day, close the blinds in all rooms that get the sun shining through during the hottest parts of the day.

Avoid using household appliances that generate excess heat, for example, stoves, dryers, and dishwashers. Keep your lights turned off where possible as light bulbs generate heat too.

Heat rises, so you may find your downstairs is cooler during the day. Open up your windows and back doors to let the airflow through the house. Hanging a damp bedsheet in front of an open doorway helps cool the house if there is a breeze outside.

How to cool your body down

Take off your shoes and socks to keep your feet cool and keep to cotton clothes rather than polyester or silk.

For a quick cool-down sensation, run the backs of your wrists under cold running water for a couple of minutes. A large vein runs through the wrists so doing this helps cool your bloodstream. Similarly, soaking your feet in a large bowl of cold water can help to make you feel cooler. If you’re feeling brave, try throwing in some ice cubes.

Keep damp towels in the refrigerator and use them to cool your forehead and back of your neck. Remember to place them in plastic bags or similar for hygiene reasons when placing them back in your fridge.

Taking a nap during the hottest part of the day might not directly cool you, but it means that you skip out the uncomfortable too-warm feeling for a few hours.

Placing a small dish filled with ice and a little water in front of a fan and sitting in the breeze has a lovely cooling effect. The water occasionally gets caught by the breeze to form a mist of water which will make you feel refreshed.

If you have a spray bottle in your home, fill it with cold water and about 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. Peppermint has natural cooling properties, so misting the spray on your body will help you feel refreshed and revitalized. If you’re spraying it onto your face, close your eyes first.

Keeping cool at bedtime

A great way to cool your body down before you go to bed is by having a tepid bath or shower. It should be just below body temperature to allow your body to cool. Don’t make it too cold though because that will make your body compensate for the low temperature when you get out of the bath, causing you to warm up again.

Try rubbing an aloe-based moisturizer on your body before you go to sleep. The plant extract has cooling effects and it will leave you feeling fresh and nourished.

Keep a glass of ice water by your bed in case you get thirsty during the night.

Sleep without your quilt, or switch to a lighter blanket. Wear cotton nightclothes – or remove them completely! Some people like to seal their blankets in a plastic bag and refrigerate them for a few hours before bedtime. An alternative method is to fill a hot water bottle with cold water and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours.
Be sure to wrap it in a towel or cloth before putting it in your bed to avoid freezer burn.

Open the windows at night to allow the cool air to come into the room whilst you sleep.

10 summer hacks to cool you down

Just in case all of the fab info above wasn’t enough, we’ve found this awesome video that shows you ten life hacks to cool you down this summer. Check it out:

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