Sustainable Dining Room Design Ideas

The modern dining room: a place to gather and break bread with friends and family. It’s a room that loves the dramatic, the theatrical, and even the edgy concepts that you have in mind.

But let’s face it: a significant stressor when redoing your dining room is the need to make sure you have everything you need while still being kind to the environment. 

However, there’s no need to panic; there are ways to make your project more sustainable without sacrificing the look you want. Read on to learn some fascinating, innovative, and downright clever sustainable dining room design ideas to inspire you.

Primary Components of a Conventional Dining Room

Let’s start from the beginning. What are the primary components of a well-balanced, beautiful dining room? Some that come to mind are:

  • Floors, walls, and ceilings (that’s what makes it a room)
  • Dining room table with chairs
  • Lighting
  • Assorted Decors and Art
  • Storage

Excellent news: everything on this list has a sustainable option waiting for you. Here’s a good look at each element to get a better grasp of sustainable dining room interior design.

sustainable eco friendly dining room


This fact won’t surprise you, but using sustainable flooring will probably have the highest impact on your dining room’s green factor. Fortunately, there are some fantastic dining room design ideas for your floors that make it easy to design an eco-friendly oasis.


Bamboo’s beauty can’t be topped, even if you walk all over it. It’s a natural and renewable resource. And better yet, growing it releases more oxygen into the air than many other trees, helping combat climate change.

Bamboo flooring is also incredibly hard. So there’s no need to choose between your personal taste and the planet.


It’s not just for sore throats: eucalyptus can also be the antidote when struggling to think of fresh dining room design ideas.

Like bamboo, eucalyptus is very renewable and durable. It actually has double the hardness of red oak. It’s a hardwood material rather than grass-like bamboo, so it’s an excellent alternative if you’re a fan of hardwood floors.

Dining Room Tables

The table where you’ll gather for family dinners — or the location of all your junk mail — can also be surprisingly sustainable. A discussion about green dining room interior design wouldn’t be complete without talking tables, so let’s get into it.

Remember Bamboo?

Bamboo is back to remind you that it’s a wonderful option for dining room tables, too. The more bamboo or renewable resources you use, the less negative impact your dining room design ideas have on the environment. For example, sustainable bamboo plywood can be used for tables, chairs, and a host of other surfaces.

Going custom with bamboo can yield some incredible results. It’s also a great way to ensure you’re buying from a company that honors sustainability as a part of its business model. 

Minimal Waste Design

How big of a dining room table do you really need? Overusing or overbuying can mean more manufacturing and less sustainability.

Do your part by planning to buy or build a dining room table that keeps this in mind. If you never entertain, there’s probably no need to get something overly grand. 

You can always offset this by using more sustainable materials. Remember: when coming up with dining room design ideas, it’s all about balance.


Lighting is essential for dining room interior designs. It can transform the way a room looks and feels. Here are some lighting tips and ideas to help you feel good about your new green dining room.

Energy Efficiency 

Aside from finding chandeliers or sconces that use renewable resources, energy efficiency should be your next goal. The easy answer? LED lighting.

LEDs are long-lasting lights that use around 90% less energy than incandescent lighting. They are also more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting, with one LED bulb able to last over 20 years. 

That’s great news for the planet, of course. But it can also help you keep energy costs down — a win-win for everyone involved.

Au Naturel

Is there a way to use the planet’s lamp in your favor? Sunshine is an excellent light source. It can even be an energy source if you invest in solar panels.

If you’re looking for dining room design ideas that build the room from the ground up, add some windows and let the light in.

Did You Know?

Natural materials like bamboo give a warm aesthetic while contributing to a healthier indoor environment. Is there anything plants can’t do?

looking upwards in a bamboo forest

Art and Decors

No list of dining room design ideas is complete without those final touches that say a little something about your aesthetic. Here’s how to decorate a space responsibly.

The Magic of Minimalism

Sometimes a statement piece is all you need. And that piece doesn’t even need to be something enormous. A simple, well-placed splash of color can make a big impact on your dining room interior design.

Sustainable Art

There’s a lot of sustainable art if you know where to look. You can also use more renewable materials like bamboo to flesh out areas with curios or buffets to house your art and achieve double the sustainability benefits.

Let’s Talk Linens

If you’ve already committed to using the eco-friendly dining room design ideas discussed above, you may as well go all the way. Thinking about small elements like table linens is a great way to round out your green vision.

Some textiles are rather environmentally unfriendly; look for ones labeled organic with either natural or low-impact dyes.

Reduce by Reusing

Are there some pieces you still genuinely love that you think might fit into your new dining room’s aesthetic? Hang on to them.

It can be enticing to start fresh, but sustainability is also about reusing when it makes sense. So incorporate what you already have with new renewable materials where you can.

If You’re Thinking About Sustainability, You Already Have the Right Idea

If you’re already planning ahead by looking up eco-conscious dining room design ideas, you’re making a difference. And since companies are now noticing the value of offering renewable resources and greener options, having a beautiful dining room that doesn’t make you feel guilty when you have a get-together is easier than ever.

As you develop your new dining room interior design, take these ideas with you. It’s time to feel good about both your design decisions and your impact on the planet.


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