Sustainable Dining Room Design Ideas

sustainable eco friendly dining room

The modern dining room: a place to gather and break bread with friends and family. It’s a room that loves the dramatic, the theatrical, and even the edgy concepts that you have in mind. But let’s face it: a significant stressor when redoing your dining room is the need to make sure you have everything … Read more

Green Living Tips That Won’t Break the Break

Kermit says, “It’s hard being green”. But that’s not true! Here are some easy ways to live a little greener without laying out a load of green. These green living tips are guaranteed not to break the bank. Vanquish the Vampires Unplug electronics when not in use. Many electronic devices still draw power even when … Read more

4 Sustainable Design Tips to Make Your Home Valuable and Appealing

Endless home improvement options await those looking to increase the value and appeal of their house. Just pinpointing where to begin the journey presents a challenge. Some renovations increase the value of a home and a portion can be recovered at a sale. Sustainability may be just the edge you need when selling your home. … Read more

Your Room-by-Room Guide to Green Living at Home


If you’re fortunate enough to build an eco-friendly home from the ground up, congratulations! And thank you for taking such a big step to help the environment. If you’re looking for ways to increase energy efficiency and make your current home a healthier place, congratulations, and thank you for that also. There are always ways … Read more

DIY Techniques to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

two windows installation workers installing double-glass pane

Living a green lifestyle is one of the more rewarding decisions any homeowner can make. With your own property, you have the freedom to build a compost pile in the backyard, get involved in local recycling projects, and even put up your own solar panels. Of course, while things like water conservation and material reuse … Read more

Keep Out the Winter Chill with Good Window Insulation

winterize your windows

One of the best and easiest ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to implement good window insulation. Many older homes were built using single-paned windows which do little to keep the heat or cold outside. Replacing these with newer windows will cut your energy bills considerably, not to mention keep you … Read more