Bamboo and Eucalyptus | New flooring options for your home

When you’re thinking of upgrading your home, particularly your flooring, one of the first go-tos for most people is hardwood floors. They’re lasting and elegant—but they also demand diligent care and can be costly to resurface or repair. Some homeowners resort to laminate flooring that only looks a bit like hardwood, but Ambient Floors offers even better flooring options to beautify your home: bamboo flooring and eucalyptus flooring.

All the beauty of hardwood flooring for home improvement, but better.

Three times harder than traditional wood floors but with the same look and feel, bamboo and eucalyptus flooring are an environmentally friendly, affordable alternative to traditional hardwoods. Their hardness makes these floors super tough, even when faced with the most rambunctious toddlers and pets. Even high-traffic areas are no match for these babies! That’s why we like to say they can go where traditional hardwoods can’t.


Maybe you’ve heard that these floors are soft and easily dented, when in fact the opposite is true. Our flooring goes through a strand-woven manufacturing process that produces flooring that’s multiple times harder than the original wood and as mentioned, harder than traditional hardwood, too. 

Gorgeous, eco-friendly flooring that’s affordably priced. 

Bamboo and eucalyptus are sustainably forested — that means whatever is cut down to utilize for flooring is easily replaced, keeping the ecosystem in balance. They grow much faster than the trees hardwood flooring is traditionally made from. Harvesting bamboo or eucalyptus crops doesn’t threaten them with extinction. And that, in turn, is a benefit to you as a consumer, because having more resources means that the overall cost to produce is lower, and THAT means you spend less to get a beautiful floor!

More flooring choices!

In colors ranging from white all the way to dark chocolate, you can choose just the right bamboo or eucalyptus flooring that’s right for your home and décor. Each option offers its own unique pattern, too.  And at only $3–$5 per square foot, you can use this beautiful flooring from the kitchen to the bedroom to every place in between.

Order up to five free samples or call a flooring specialist today and find out how this sustainable, durable flooring will suit your style and budget.





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