Discover MagPanel® – The Next-Gen Eco-Friendly Building Material

When sourcing eco-friendly building materials for your next project, don’t limit yourself to traditional options. Embrace the future of construction with MagPanel®, the next-gen eco-friendly building solution. What Exactly is MagPanel®? MagPanel® is a special type of magnesium oxide board. It’s a mineral-based building material that is far superior to plywood, oriented strand board, fiber … Read more

Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring – Who Wins a Head-to-Head Matchup?

Shopping for flooring and confused by the options? Both luxury vinyl plank flooring and laminate plank flooring offer two economical options for engineered flooring. Let’s compare and see if one is better than the other. The answers may surprise you. Comparing Luxury Vinyl Plank to Laminate Flooring – The Big Picture In a head-to-head matchup, … Read more

Linoleum vs Vinyl: A Comparison of Laminate Lookalikes

You’ve likely come across linoleum and vinyl during your search for affordable flooring options. It can be a challenge to decide between them given all their similarities and how much they have to offer. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! This article will address the key differences between linoleum and vinyl so you are … Read more

Vinyl Vs Bamboo Flooring | A Side By Side Comparison

Beyond the materials themselves, there are significant differences between bamboo flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl lacks the sustainability and naturalistic traits of bamboo. It does, however, beat bamboo in terms of ease of installation and maintenance. This is not to say that bamboo is a tough install. The development of click-lock technology for engineered … Read more