What is the Difference Between Engineered Bamboo Flooring and Solid Bamboo Flooring?


Are you drawn to the beauty and durability of bamboo flooring but confused by all the types of bamboo flooring available? Fret not! Bamboo flooring breaks down into two major categories: engineered bamboo flooring and solid bamboo flooring. Once you understand the difference between engineered flooring and solid flooring, picking the best flooring for your … Read more

Is Bamboo Flooring Good for Light Commercial Applications?


Bamboo flooring is beautiful and comes in so many finishes and plank widths that it’s a shame to leave it at home when you go to work. But is bamboo flooring good for light commercial applications? Can it stand up to foot traffic? Yes, bamboo flooring is completely at home when installed at work. Here’s … Read more

Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring – Who Wins a Head-to-Head Matchup?

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Linoleum vs Vinyl: A Comparison of Laminate Lookalikes

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Vinyl Flooring (LVP) vs Bamboo Flooring | Side By Side Comparison

Beyond the materials themselves, there are significant differences between bamboo flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl lacks the sustainability and naturalistic traits of bamboo. It does, however, beat bamboo in terms of ease of installation and maintenance. This is not to say that bamboo is a tough install. The development of click-lock technology for engineered … Read more