Figuring Out How Much Bamboo Flooring to Buy

Have you decided to purchase bamboo flooring? Great choice. Bamboo is not only beautiful, but it is durable as heck. It’s also a natural product. While there is a minimal variation from production run to production run, you still want to get your flooring from one production lot and buy a sufficient quantity to finish … Read more

When Is the Best Time to Install Bamboo or Wood Floors?


Fall is the best time to install bamboo flooring. Like other hardwood flooring, bamboo floors absorb moisture from the environment. While you can install bamboo floors in the Winter, the air is cold and dry. You can install hardwood flooring in the Summer, but the air is hot and humid. In the Fall, temperatures are … Read more

Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring – Who Wins a Head-to-Head Matchup?

Shopping for flooring and confused by the options? Both luxury vinyl plank flooring and laminate plank flooring offer two economical options for engineered flooring. Let’s compare and see if one is better than the other. The answers may surprise you. Comparing Luxury Vinyl Plank to Laminate Flooring – The Big Picture In a head-to-head matchup, … Read more

Can you put bamboo flooring over radiant heat?

Can you put bamboo flooring over radiant heat

Radiant floor heating systems are a popular construction feature in new home construction. They are also great for large-scale home renovation projects. They can be expensive to install, but several benefits make them appealing to homeowners. By utilizing convection mechanisms, radiant heating provides an energy-efficient heat source for your home. It’s effortless to run – … Read more

Do I Need Special Underlayment For Bamboo Flooring?

First things first: in case you don’t already know what underlayment is, it’s the material laid on top of the sub-floor before the bamboo floor is installed (the subfloor is pretty much the raw floor of your house, whether it’s a concrete slab or plywood resting on floor joists). The long and short of it … Read more

Installing Bamboo Flooring In Desert Or Tropical Climate Extremes

Many of us think of regions that get crippling blizzards as areas with extreme climate conditions. However, even those who live in arid, desert, or tropical, humid areas experience extremes of above-average humidity or arid air conditions. So, can you install bamboo flooring in a dry or desert area or a humid or tropical area? … Read more

Subfloor Preparation Before Installing Bamboo Flooring

Subfloor in kitchen

You’ve looked at all the advantages of bamboo flooring, and you’ve decided it’s the right solution for you. Subfloor preparation before you begin is a critical part of the installation process. You want your sub-floor to be flat, clean of any dirt and debris, and properly prepared for your bamboo flooring. Step 1: Set Your Temperature and … Read more

A 7-Step Guide to Remove Dried Adhesive / Glue From Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo parquet texture

Bamboo flooring continues to increase in popularity due to its unique strength and elegant finish. One common problem homeowners experience is the accumulation of dried adhesive on the floor’s surface during installation. Failure to properly remove this glue while it’s still wet can lead to permanent finish damage. Below are seven steps to help you remove dried adhesive/glue … Read more