Commercial Interior Design Trends that Liven Up Your Business

commercial interior design

The physical retail and business space have changed significantly since 2020. eCommerce and online sales trends are taking off and delivery services have altered the traditional real-life shopping experience.

Recent statistics suggest that 76% of US consumers now shop online, and it’s expected that there will be over 300 million online shoppers in the United States by 2023. eCommerce provides a wide selection of products and services, enhanced convenience, attractive pricing, and often a more engaging experience compared to physical stores and businesses.

Bearing this in mind, it’s never been more important to reconsider the design of your physical store. Even though online shopping has become a global phenomenon, brick and mortar businesses won’t be going anywhere ‌soon. In fact, an estimated 46% of customers still prefer to visit physical locations over doing their shopping online. And if they have a positive experience, they are 90% more likely to return!

As the economy continues to evolve, many people are still heading to physical stores and businesses. This is because it gives them the opportunity to speak to salespeople, see exactly what they’re buying, and assess quality and value for money before they purchase anything. Businesses that want to thrive in the brick and mortar space often offer both in-person and online experiences to cater to as many potential customers as possible.

Design innovation is one of the most important tools available to help you set your business apart and attract customers to your premises. Every retail and business space, regardless of industry, should be using the latest commercial design trade secrets to keep their customers coming back.

Clarify Your Vision

You need to have a good understanding of what you would like your customers to do in your business space in order to design it effectively. If you were to design a restaurant, for instance, the layout and interior design of your business would look very different from a business that offers beauty and salon services. Create a clear picture of the nature of your business and use this plan to inspire more functional designs.

Once you have a plan in mind, you can start pinpointing details like where main entrances, exits, convenience rooms, restrooms, changing rooms, pay points, and other essential facilities should be positioned. Next, devise ways to arrange this plan in a creative and interesting way to encourage customers to enter your business and make the most of your amenities.

Provide Interactive Experiences

Today’s consumers want to interact with the brands and businesses they support. It’s important to adopt a creative mindset when it comes to the physical design of your premises. You must understand how this design engages customers and entices them to learn more about your products. You need to build customer experiences that focus not only on the perspective of someone in your store but the experience they have while inside it.

It’s important to create an ambience of comfort and safety, all while providing entertaining and memorable experiences that appeal to as many customers as possible. Physically trying out products can foster product interaction. But depending on your business, you may need to put precautions in place to ensure that this can be done safely. 

For instance, items like sunglasses that are tried on by many different people should get sanitized regularly. Product samples should get handed out in single-serve containers to ensure sanitary habits within your store. Remember to make accessible sanitation options available in-store too.

Use Color Psychology

The use of color is a crucial aspect of business branding and commercial interior design. Different colors have different effects on the human psyche. You can use these phenomena to your advantage to encourage customers to stay longer, order more, or experience certain emotions upon entering your store.

Red conveys feelings of intensity and energy and is thought to stimulate hunger, making it appropriate for cafes, restaurants, and businesses that prioritize high-pressure sales. White is a minimal and clean color that gives off a stylish and modern vibe. Yellow evokes feelings of cheerfulness and optimism, green has associations with growth, money and environmentalism, and blue conveys an air of traditionalism and trustworthiness.

Keep Merchandizing Minimalist

Sophistication is one of the most pertinent store design trends in 2022. It’s closely associated with minimalism, especially when it comes to merchandizing. Retailers often stocked their shelves with as many products as possible in the past.But today’s consumers expect a more refined in-store experience, including simple and aesthetically pleasing store designs and product displays.

Simple design elements like angular floor plans, indoor plants, and neutral color schemes can create a sense of sophistication and help to showcase your products on display. Space conveys value in a retail and business sense. So, the more empty space present in the store, the more valuable your consumers will perceive your merchandise and services to be.

Homely Commercial Interior Design

Consumers have been spending far more time at home over the past few years. They now expect their in-person shopping experiences to be comfortable and inviting, too. Home-like design is thus a growing trend in the commercial interior design industry. It helps businesses to create homely atmospheres that keep customers comfortable enough to browse for longer.

This trend is particularly popular in the restaurant and hospitality industries. But even retail stores and service providers are adopting the same core ideas to meet the needs of their target audiences in 2022. 

Elements like bamboo flooring, indoor heating or cooling, comfortable sofas and armchairs, and warm color schemes enhance the in-person shopping experience. Plus, they encourage customers to revisit businesses in the future. Offering coffee and refreshments to your customers via an in-store coffee bar is another great way to foster loyalty and create an unforgettable experience.

Transform your Commercial Interior Into One That’s Customer-Centric

The design of your commercial business space can make or break your business’s ability to entice customers and keep them coming back time and time again. 

Use the interior design trends listed above to liven up your space and add interest and comfort for your target customers.

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