10 Things To Declutter Before Moving

When planning for a move, it is important to look for ways to make the process cost-effective, stress-free, and smoother. One way you can do this is to declutter your house. 

Whether it is a long-distance move or a local one, you cannot ignore decluttering your home. Moreover, it is a good way to honor the memories of the old house before starting a new life in a new place. 

However, to some people decluttering is not a simple task. You have been attached to some items, and you might not be ready to let go. Nevertheless, there are some things you do not need in the new home. 

Happily, when you decide to declutter, you can decide to sell things in good condition. This will help you cater to moving expenses, especially if you plan to hire commercial movers

Below are some of the things you may need to declutter when relocating to a new home. 

What can I declutter before moving?

Expired food

Many people tend to keep expired food without realizing it. Hence, it would help if you went through your kitchen to make sure you do not pack the expired food. Some of the expired foods you need to throw away include sauces, condiments, flour, etc. 

Keep in mind that expired food is not safe or healthy to consume. Therefore, you need to get rid of them before moving. It’s important to go through everything from the kitchen cabinets, to the refrigerator, to the pantry. 

Small appliances

You might have some older appliances that are still in good condition, but you do not need them in the new home. If they are working properly, you can decide to sell or donate them to your friends or family members.

But anything that is not working has exposed wiring or corroded and needs to be tossed out for safety. Make sure when disposing of them, you do it the right way. 

Kitchen utensils and tools

Kitchen utensils and tools are common things you may have collected over a long time. Hence, you need to go through them to decide whether you need all of them in your new house. 

Start by gathering all your kitchen utensils and tools in one place, and then sort them by category or type. This will help you know how many you need to keep. You will be surprised how many cups, plates, spoons, and pots you do not need. 


Books are other items you need to declutter. However, that does not mean you throw away all your books. Nevertheless, there are some things you do not need and probably can help someone else. 

Keep in mind that books are heavy items to relocate, and you need to purchase a lot of small boxes. So, if you do not need to move the whole library, you can donate some of your books. Also, you can look for electronic versions of some of those books. 

Tapes, Cassettes, DVDs, and CDs

You might have collected many entertainment items such as DVDs and movies. Moving may be the best time to do away with some of these items. Fortunately, with the introduction of streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix, you might not need some of these entertainment items. 

You can decide to donate your old entertainment things to a library or give them to a friend or family member. You can also post them online for someone who may need them. 


Your children might have accumulated a lot of toys for many years. If they are now grown-ups and do not need the toys, get rid of them before moving. You can donate the toys to benefit other kids. 

Let your kids understand that donating the toys can help other children experience happiness as well. Moreover, they will be creating space for new items and other great things. 

Clothes and shoes

If you have shoes and clothes that no longer fit you or you have not worn them for years, you do not need to pack them when moving. Happily, many people can benefit from clothes and shoes.

Hence, you can decide to give away those in good condition or sell them. You can sell them online or organize a garage sale. 

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Beauty accessories and tools

Many ladies have several beauty tools and accessories they do not use or need. For instance, most households need one or two flat irons, hairdryers, and other tools. So, if you feel you have more than you need, consider decluttering. 

Also, you might have jewelry pieces that are out of fashion. You need to declutter and only keep pieces that are special to you. Keep in mind you might need to add more as time goes by. 


There are many things you do not need to pack and relocate to the new home when it comes to toiletries. Get rid of those empty liquid soaps, lotions, and toothpaste containers. Also, if you have toothbrushes that you no longer use, throw them away. 

Old documents

Today, most documents can be digitized. So, if you do not need to keep the physical copies of some of your documents, you can digitize them. This will help you save on moving costs and packing time. 


Decluttering is one of the best ways to save on moving costs and time. However, it is not a simple process. You need to have a plan to ensure you do it right. Once you declutter, the best way to have a smooth moving process is to engage a professional moving company. 

When you hire professionals such as NYC movers, you will be certain you will have a stress-free process. Since they are experts, they will help you pack, move, and even unpack your belongings. 

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