A Retrospective on Drywall Alternatives: Sean Payton, Levees, & Litigation

Hazardous building materials are a problem that cannot be ignored. Whether weak or toxic, these materials can be an enormous danger to habitants of buildings where they’re used. In the mid-2000s, hazardous drywall became a major concern for American homeowners across numerous states. From this problem arose an elegant solution: magnesium oxide panel as a … Read more

The Best Decking Materials for 2024

Tuscan Gold Composite Bamboo Decking by Ambient

Building or updating your deck can boost your home’s value, functionality, and curb appeal by quite a bit. Choosing the materials with which you will build your new deck requires you to strike a balance between aesthetics and affordability. Until recently, wood was the go-to material for newly constructed decks and porches. Many alternatives have … Read more

Why MagPanel is the Building Material of the Future

Believe it or not, basic building construction hasn’t changed that much in the last 100 years. Consequently, builders still frame, dry-in, do electrical and plumbing in pretty much the same order they did in 1920 (yes, people had electricity and indoor plumbing). But, what has changed are the tools and materials they use to do … Read more