7 Remarkable Facts About Eucalyptus Trees

ecualyptus trees have flowers with stamens only

What do you know about eucalyptus trees? One commonly known fact is that eucalyptus plants are native to Australia. Not only this, but they are considered endemic – meaning they grow in that specific region only. If a koala comes to mind when you hear the word eucalyptus, then you’ve heard right. Much like great … Read more

Go Green While Living Large

Open luxury bedroom with bamboo flooring

Look around and it’s easy to see that tiny houses are the next big thing. Does that mean that lovers of living large should feel guilty about the carbon footprint their more spacious homes create? Do big families have to choose between an eco-friendly lifestyle or comfort? Are claustrophobic people relegated to green living purgatory, … Read more

Is Bamboo Plywood An Eco-Friendly Option?

Closeup of green bamboo trees with leaves. Eco-friendly concept

For consumers on a mission to surround themselves with eco-friendly building materials, they may be excited about bamboo products. The first question posed is, “Why is bamboo plywood eco-friendly?” The answers may surprise you. For far too long, suburban homeowners have considered bamboo to be a pesky weed that takes plenty of elbow-grease to keep … Read more