Interior Design Inspiration with Bamboo Plywood

In our quest for interior design inspiration, we’re all searching for that perfect balance of style and conscience. Bamboo plywood is the perfect option for a variety of interior projects. It offers the ideal blend of trendy appeal and eco-friendly benefits. Unlock Your Creativity Bamboo plywood is not only surging in popularity for trendiness. It’s … Read more

Best Eco-Friendly Wood Types for Sustainable Furniture

Designing your home is no easy task. Especially when you’re looking for furniture that’s just as ethical and sustainable as it is elegant and functional. One of the main aspects that make furniture environmentally friendly is the wood that’s used as raw material. While the sustainability of conventional wooden furniture is still questionable, there are … Read more

Customer Stories: Bamboo on the Move

  As a company specializing in building products, we usually see our products in homes – and the occasional commercial space. For our latest customer story, we’re hitting the road with San Juan Vans. This unique company has utilized our bamboo plywood for cabinetry, countertops, and more. This is par for the course, but here’s … Read more

Is Bamboo Plywood An Eco-Friendly Option?

Closeup of green bamboo trees with leaves. Eco-friendly concept

For consumers on a mission to surround themselves with eco-friendly building materials, they may be excited about bamboo products. The first question posed is, “Why is bamboo plywood eco-friendly?” The answers may surprise you. For far too long, suburban homeowners have considered bamboo to be a pesky weed that takes plenty of elbow-grease to keep … Read more

Can Bamboo Plywood Be Used For an Exterior Home Improvement Project?

Close up of a part of a family home. Green landscape in background. On the right side you can see a new wooden scaffolding or frame

Planning to build a potting shed or some custom built-in planters for the patio? Bamboo plywood, with all its many wonderful characteristics, is, unfortunately, not recommended for use for exterior structures unless you live in an area with stable year-round humidity and the panels are treated to stand up to the weather.   Even though some … Read more

How to Stain and Finish Bamboo Plywood

Painter Brushing Clear Polyurethane staining on Hardwood Floor

Bamboo plywood is rapidly becoming an interior design star for its beautiful appearance and its eco-friendly qualities. People use this versatile material to create accent walls, cabinetry, furniture, bathroom vanities, ceiling panels, and much more. Bamboo plywood, like bamboo flooring, is a popular building material for several reasons. First, once the bamboo is harvested, it … Read more

The Many Uses of Bamboo Plywood


You might have heard about the versatility and eco-friendliness of bamboo building materials. But do you know exactly how you can actually integrate it into your home or business?   Bamboo plywood is a strong building material that is increasingly used as an alternative to more traditional hardwood. Three reasons contribute to these shifting preferences: Bamboo … Read more

My Bamboo Plywood Has Warped. How Do I Fix It?

"Stacked bamboo wood floor, coming out of the box."

Bamboo plywood has a wide range of uses, from cabinets to cutting boards and even airplane wings. However, if stored in areas with excessively low or high humidity, it can warp like all plywood and wood. If you run into this problem, don’t panic. The key to reversing the warp is balancing the moisture content … Read more

The Benefits of Bamboo Plywood

At Ambient, we are always trying to source only the highest quality materials for our customers, including products in various colors and grains. One of our favorite products is bamboo plywood – an ideal and green alternative to natural hardwood plywood that is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, woodworking enthusiasts, and builders across America. It … Read more