A Handful of Helpful Tips For Laying Your Hardwood Floor

Laying hardwood parquet. Worker decides the direction and fixes the boards one by one.

The most common way to lay/install hardwood or bamboo flooring is by aligning the planks parallel to the longest wall or run in the installation. Apart from a few exceptions like sagging joists, this is the preferred direction to lay wood floors because it provides the best result aesthetically. This means running the planks lengthwise … Read more

Do hardwood and bamboo floors fade from sunlight exposure?

Sunlight exposure

Most floors see normal wear and tear over time due to foot traffic and years of use, but natural light is an additional factor that not every homeowner considers. If you’re in the market for eco-friendly flooring, you may be wondering if bamboo floors fade from sunlight exposure. Sunlight is a wonderfully warm and invigorating … Read more

The truth about bamboo flooring – is it eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly bamboo forest

Are bamboo floors bad for the environment because they’re shipped from China? Are forests in China being cut down to make way for more bamboo farms? In this article, we’ll be exploring the eco-friendly nature of bamboo with a particular focus on Ambient’s dedication to sustainability. We’ll discuss some of the ways we minimize our … Read more

Is Bamboo Hardwood Flooring… or Is It a Grass?

is bamboo considered hardwood flooring

Is bamboo a hardwood? Confusion often surrounds bamboo as it’s referred to by some as hardwood and by others as grass, or natural material distinctly unlike wood. Perplexed yet? Let’s unravel this mystery and establish why, despite bamboo not technically being a hardwood, we’d say it’s a far more suitable product to claim the title of ‘hardwood … Read more