4 Earth-Friendly Ways A Bamboo Deck Will Turn Up Your Home’s Green Quotient

In today’s eco-conscious world, a home’s green quotient is more than just a buzzword – it’s a necessity. And when it comes to eco-friendly decking, composite bamboo decks are leading the charge in sustainability. Join us as we explore why it is the go-to choice for homeowners looking to make a difference while creating gorgeous … Read more

4 Sustainable Design Tips to Make Your Home Valuable and Appealing

Endless home improvement options await those looking to increase the value and appeal of their house. Just pinpointing where to begin the journey presents a challenge. Some renovations increase the value of a home and a portion can be recovered at a sale. Sustainability may be just the edge you need when selling your home. … Read more

The Keys to Building a Sustainable Home


If the old American dream was homeownership, the new dream is owning a sustainable home. Whether you are considering building from the ground up or want to retrofit your existing home to be more eco-friendly, the options for green building continue to grow and improve. While it is true that there was a time in … Read more

10 Best Sustainable Building Products For Home Construction

10 building products that combat change

Below is our list of 10 sustainable building products that fight climate change. 1. Bamboo Flooring There are so many factors threatening the planet in these modern times, and it is our obligation to do what we can to take care of the planet. Using sustainable building products is a great way to reduce your … Read more